Without any doubt, Berlin is the city to be in Europe if you want to experience a thrilling night party life. After the collapse of the Berlin wall, revelers aren’t taking any chances with the booze and girls at night clubs. Well, the clubs aren’t only meticulous and frenzy, but are constructed on top-notch creativity that you cannot even imagine exists. 

Clubs are mushrooming and every new joint will pop every month. Therefore, there are numerous we could review for you, but here are the best six clubs that you wouldn’t want to miss the action in:

  • Berghain & Panorama Bar :

Berghain & Panorama Bar comes with the best sound system in the whole of Berlin. The tow bars come as a set, separated by stairs inside an abandoned power plant at the heart of the city. However, you must note that the club hosts high-flying revelers making the door policies harsh. 

  • KitKat :

If you have crazy sexual desires and fetishes the then place to waste your night is at KitKat.  The club has an elegant VIP lounge with all sorts of expensive champagne. There is also a regular lounge with a dance floor where the real fun is. If you love swimming on your tequila shots then there is also a pool at the back. And oh, before I forget, there is a massage parlor too. 

  • Stattbad :

Initially, Stattbad was a state swimming pool way before the Second World War. Thereafter, it was rebuild and converted into a public pool after destruction in the war. A few years later it evolved into one of the best music, art, and culture centers in Germany. The best thing about this club is that you are also allowed to party in empty pools with your friends. There are also photos exhibition in a separate room.

  • Salon Zur Wilden Renate :

Salon Zur Wilden Renate will offer you a perfect circus night out with all kinds of bizarre music that you wouldn’t have imagined existed. Moreover, there are diverse parties on each day of the week which attracts a lot of foreign and domestic tourists. Also, note that if you want an open-air club experience then Salon Zur Wilden Renate club is the place to be during summer holidays in Germany. 

  • Chalet

Name any kind of party and Chalet will offer it right to you. Is it an in-house hip hop party you need? What about a pool and garden party? Well, Chalet is among the few clubs in Berlin that has a garden where revelers can extend their drinking spree up to the wee hours of the morning especially during summer. When you are a reveler at Chalet, you can party seven days a week, which is from Monday to Monday. 

  • Watergate :

Finally, if you are looking for a club where you can flirt the whole night away then the place to be is Watergate. The doors policies are not only favorable. But also promotes a wild crowd that is worth your Friday night. For instance, at no point the club is allowed to have an excess number of the opposite sex;

you must be an equal number for the fun! Also, you need to be at least 21 years of age for you to be allowed in. you’ll love the ambiance of thrilling music from legendary in-house DJs. Remember, Watergate has a record with proficient DJs like MANDY who will grace occasions often. Don’t you want to party hard at this club?

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