High-quality orthodontics should be affordable and accessible to everyone. It was this idea that inspired Nick Greenfield to start Candid, a company that is redefining oral health by using modern technology to help deliver human-focused care.

The bellow are the highlights of the Interview with Insights Success a business solutions magazine.

Nick’s skills really lie in pinpointing what’s missing from the current market offerings, finding solutions to the problems with those offerings, as well as bettering their own offerings, and scaling strategically and sustainability. He has always been a pioneering leader who keeps on finding superior solutions to everyday plights.

Advice to Emerging Ones

In his advice to emerging entrepreneurs and leaders, he says, “Starting a company is all about learning from your failures to make the product better. If you have an idea, test it out. Look at the market and ask ‘Does this exist already?’ and if not, determine whether there is a hole in the market that needs to be filled.”

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