Bears have more wins, but Packers are getting closer
William Perry, AKA “The Refrigerator” pulling a touchdown pass and Brett Favre running over a defender in order to culminate in a 36-yard touchdown are just two examples of the remarkable moments the rivalry between the Bears and the Packers has brought us since they starting playing against each other back in 1921. They have met 182 times as of today, and even though they records are clear and show that the Bears are leading the rivalry with 92 wins, the Packers are certainly getting closer to that number as they conquered their 84th victory over Chicago on Sunday by 27-17, and when we consider who has come up with the largest number of recent wins, we again have Green Bay as the winners, which means that even though the Bears are fronting the numbers, the Packers are now more dominant (they have won 4 of the last 5 meetings).

Cowboys prevail against Redskins
The last few seconds of the game between the Redskins and the Cowboys cost Washington the match as they had one last possession, but quarterback Rex Grossman lost the ball when he found linebacker Anthony Spencer on his way, and so Dallas, with Tony Romo not on his best shape, managed to conquer a close 18-16 win, and now they are 2-1, while Washington acquired their first loss of the season.

Former NBA player charged with murder
A judge from Atlanta allowed Javaris Crittenton, a former NBA player (with the Washington Wizards) to walk free on bond after Crittenton was charged with participating in a drive-by shooting that ended in murder. The judge, Karen Woodson, set the bond on $230,000 after she heard a lot of positive comments on the former player from coaches and close friends. Crittenton is being charged with the murder of Juan Jones of 22 years old, though Brian Steel, the defense lawyer said that his client is not guilty and pointed out that the testimonies from witnesses are not all that reliable.

NBA CBA and still no deal
After meeting for just 2 hours on Tuesday, and with the start of the 2011-2012 NBA season around the corner, the negotiations between players and owners for a new collective bargaining agreement appeared to have no clear direction concerning salary caps or revenue splits, which are the two core issues in the deal, and if the two parts are looking to play the full season, they will have to come to an understanding in less than 2 weeks, when the regular season is supposed to start.

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