Ravens with valuable victory over Steelers
The Ravens managed to come up with a valuable 23-20 victory over their all-time rival, the Steelers, at the AFC North, and thanks to the win, Baltimore is now second to the Bengals, whom are leading the division, leaving Pittsburgh in the third position and the Browns in the fourth with only 3 victories.

The Ravens ended with the Steelers’ 4-game winning streak, and fans of Baltimore have to thank their starting quarterback Joe Flacco for an outstanding performance, as he was making big play after big play, especially in the fourth quarter. After a win against one of the current title contenders, the Ravens are certainly ready for their week 10 game against the Seahawks, a team with only two victories at the current NFL season.

Jets beat Bills, ready for Patriots
The Jets looked refreshed after their bye week, and end up dominating the Bills in New York’s 27-11 victory over Buffalo. This win allowed the Jets to conquer the second place at the AFC East, and now they are thinking about their game from Week 10 against the Patriots, as if they manage to beat New England, they will get a straight ticket to the first place in their division.

Broncos’ victory shortens gaps at AFC west
The Broncos acquired their third victory of the season yesterday when they beat the Raiders by 38 to 24, and with losses by the Chiefs and the Chargers, they are just one game away from entering the battle for the top positions at the AFC west. On Thursday Oakland will be playing San Diego, and this is certainly to the advantage of Denver, as whatever the final result of that upcoming match end up being, is going to prevent either the Chargers or the Raiders to escalate positions.

Colts alone in quest for Luck
Before the games from week 9, the Dolphins and the Colts both had the chance of acquiring the talents of Andrew Luck at the next NFL draft, but a surprising win from the Dolphins on Sunday are allowing Indianapolis to stand alone in their quest for a replacement for Peyton Manning. Of course that for that to occur, things must remain the same, meaning that the Colts will need to continue to lose games (they currently hold a zero victories record at 0-9) and the Dolphins will have to win a couple more matches.

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