If your idea of being an irresistable team leader/sponsor is pushing cold calls, hosting boring presentations and revving up the compensation plan, then you're probably wondering why your team members seem to be either stuck in the mud or just flat out dead in the water!
In the world of Network Marketing people come and go. But what makes them come and stay begins with you. Being an irresistable sponsor starts with trust as well as recruiting the right people in the first place. The internet makes recruiting easier than ever! If you will incorporate the right stategies and techniques you will be a magnet for the right people. And as long as you continue doing what drew them to you in the beginning and teach them to do the same thing, they will flourish. They'll trust your guidence, never leave your organization and you will become a very successful leader.

But first thing's first? These questions must be posed. Who are you? No, not your title or position, but who are you personally? Are you the person who operates on short-term thinking; only doing what it takes to stay afloat with no long-term determination? Or do you stand firm on the principle of promotion, which says "do it with a heart of excellence and whole-hearted commitment"? Are you the person your team can trust to stick to his gus and see the job through until the end?

Next...what are your skills? The dictionary describes skills as the ability to use one's knowledge effectively in doing something; a developed & acquired ability. It is said that the lack of skills can lead to anger, frustration and/or discouragement. So in order to avoid these it is imparative that you acquire a certain disciplined knowledge specializing in that area. But to become skilled at something you must first set a foundation for learning it. How? By being teachable; learning is part of life. We all should learn something new everyday. To learn your desired skill find an application that lends toward that subject, ie: teachers, books, articles, videos, audios, ebooks etc. They are the essential to learning.

Natually the best way to discover you skill level as you learn is by applying hands-on training. As a leader in Network Marketing your role is to take what you've learned - do it and then teach your team to duplicate what you do. Do this and you're guaranteed to run a successul team and business; and soon the promises of that compensation plan will be within your grasp. Then when others see how efficient you've have become at alleviating the miseries of colding calling and beating the pavement for leads, chances are that they'll sign up without even seeing any compensation plan.

Make a commitment:

Don't just sit there; make a decision! Are you going to be committed or not? Are you going to give it your best shot? Remember, you are constantly being watched. Someone who looks up to you is depending on you and they're watching to see how you are going to handle this thing. Will you make excuses for why you're not where you want to be?
Here's a tip. Get your focus in the right place. Because whatever you set your heart to do is what you'll get good at. I once heard it said that "if you focus on excuses, that's where your best skills will lie, with making excuses".

The bottom line is that people who keep trying will most likely succeed, especially in Network Marketing. So I'll ask gain. Who are you?

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