NewsCollective, a company focused on empowering journalists and publishers worldwide to source content online, has announced the launch of its online video news portal. Video Journalists globally will now be able to publish video content and stories to be viewed or republished online, and also get paid for it.

“We are delighted to launch NewsCollective as an Online Video News Portal”, says Jan Villars, CEO of NewsCollective. “After successfully launching NewsCollective as a disruptive news agency model, the board of directors and shareholders felt that NewsCollective had a bigger role to play in the changing media landscape, and therefore chose to be a part of the fast growing online video news agency market”, added Jan Villars.

This new portal is a big leap for NewsCollective as it is a shift from the existing model that dealt with providing written editorial content. Several reputed journalists from India, US, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and the Philippines have already registered with NewsCollective.

“The way forward for media is video journalism, and NewsCollective is tapping on this opportunity. Powered by the increasing usage of smart phones, mobile devices and high speed Internet, more and more people now prefer to view video news clips than read news. Media houses are unable to keep up with this challenge of providing dynamic global content to its audience. And NewsCollective will meet these demands of the changing media market,” says Kaushik Thakkar, Vice Chairman of NewsCollective.

NewsCollective will showcase journalist’s videos along with their profiles. Professionals will have to register on the portal, and follow a simple procedure to upload the videos. The videos can be from any vertical for example, world news, business, sports, lifestyle, culture or entertainment, but of a two-minute duration and is to be approved by NewsCollective.

“We want to invite journalists worldwide to join NewsCollective and be part of defining the new Online Video News Agency market. NewCollective will give journalists an opportunity to market their stories on an international platform as well as to create a brand name for them.” added Jan Villars.

NewsCollective has an advertising and commerce model for the uploaded videos. Publishers can either buy the video clip exclusively or non-exclusively or stream ad financed videos. Journalists will also be remunerated for their contributions.
NewsCollective also offers aspiring journalists to publish their work, with the possibility that other news outlets will publish them. Also professionals from across the globe can capitalize on this opportunity as they will be able to reach out to a wider network of publishers and audiences. This model will make outsourcing easy as NewsCollective will act as a one-stop platform to manage global video news.

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NewsCollective is an Online Video News Bureau, that enables authorized Video Journalists to publish News Video Clips and get paid.

A privately-funded company with offices in San Francisco, Stockholm and Bangalore, NewsCollective has over 2,000 professional journalists and 30 publishers from all over the world as part of its network.

NewsCollective leverages the Internet to disrupt the traditional news agency model, changing the way content is created, shared and traded. It liberates publishers from the shackles of the traditional news sources and offers them the option to choose and select content best suited to their customer needs.

Journalists too have the opportunity to reach out to a wider network of publishers globally, who would be interested in the content created by them. The focal point of NewsCollective is to simplify the process of sourcing the content worldwide through a web experience.