The books were everywhere: on the floor, piled up in huge stacks, underneath the dining room table, snaking out into the hallway. In my eagerness to express my ideas to the world, I had written my very first book, On Being the Creator of Your Destiny, had it self-published, printed, and bound, and ordered 3,000 copies to be delivered to my front door.

Now the UPS truck was driving away and it was dawning on me that I’d better start selling these babies! But how? I didn’t know anyone in the book business and hadn’t realized that they don’t just automatically place self-published books on their shelves. I could have stuck a “Books for Sale!” sign into my front lawn and waited for the doorbell to ring I suppose, but I knew my dining room would be filled with piles of books for quite some time if I took that approach.

The invoices for printing, editing, and shipping were already sitting on my desk. I’d spent several months working on the book and, because I was self-employed, I hadn’t been bringing in any income during that time. What’s more, I was a single mom paying all my own personal and business expenses including private school tuition for my son. The debt load became overwhelming.

Having sales, marketing, training and management background in the technology industry along with a passion for goal-achievement has proven to be huge asset for me. (Passion is the greater asset of the two.) I set a goal to find a way to sell the inventory of books piled up in my dining room.

Even though I lived in a small town in Ontario Canada, I felt that the geographical borders had come down. The Internet allows us to reach people anywhere and everywhere. I invested, studied and learned the intricacies of online marketing. By doing so, I have now launched numerous best-seller Internet marketing campaigns (including landing my own book “Your Destiny Switch” on the New York Times Best Seller list). My very first book campaign was a success, and it wasn’t long before my phone was ringing and emails were pouring in from other authors and entrepreneurs wanting to know my “recipe” for success in online marketing.

I believe you can use my viral explosions recipe for selling just about anything on the Internet. You may be an author and/or an established entrepreneur who simply wants to make extra income and boost your revenue and customer base. You might have a cause you’re eager to promote, or products and services you believe can help others solve a problem, and you want to know how to do a time- and cost-effective outreach. You may be determined to build a highly profitable and successful business and take more time off to be with your family, friends, and pets, or do more traveling or charitable work. Here’s a reassuring truth: The Internet is growing at a rapid rate, and will continue to do so.

Tips for you to make your own viral explosion:

Tip #1
Realize that the opportunity to reach people on the Internet (currently 1.74 billion people are online) is for everyone – that includes YOU!

Tip #2
Before investing funds to create new products or services ask yourself this important question: Where is there a need and can I fulfill it easily, affordably and effectively? Follow up this question with the following question: Are people willing to pay for it/this?

Tip #3
Do your research! You may determine a need for a particular product or service you would like to bring to the Internet but the market may already be flooded with other products and services and it would be a challenge to differentiate yourself.

Tip #4
Keep an optimistic and positive attitude throughout the entire process of – creating ideas; researching; product/service development; partnering up with others; establishing pricing models/revenue splits; and growing your business.

Tip #5
One of the best things you can do for your online business is focus on building a “quality” list of true opt-in subscribers who are salivating to invest in you, your products and/or your services!

Tip #6
It takes time to build an online business. If you have a sense of urgency to generate massive revenues, you will need to put in massive amounts of time and energy, but know that it is possible. You can do amazing things when you are motivated to achieve results.

What does this mean to you? An endless and exciting OPPORTUNITY.

Author's Bio: 

Peggy McColl is a New York Times best-selling author and author of 7 books. Her books have been translated into 15 languages and sold in more than 50 countries. She is an entrepreneur, business owner, mentor and professional speaker. She provides effective Internet marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, authors, publishers, professionals, and business owners, who want to establish an online presence, achieve bestseller status, build their brand, grow and/or expand their business online. You can find our more about Peggy’s new book at: