Each year many of us make New Year resolutions knowing full well that we are going to try to uphold our promises to ourselves. "This year I’m giving up smoking," or "This year I'm going to start and finish that book I want to write," then about three weeks into the New Year we have already set ourselves up to fail. We push back the date saying 'we'll do better' and keep wishing and hoping that we would just hold up to what we promised ourselves.

We then forget all about what we had asked for and when we look back on our New Year's resolution we feel as if we have failed. Well, it doesn't have to be like this at all. When making a New Year's resolution, it is always how you perceive what you want to do whether it will get done. And the Law of Attraction can help you out.

We all know the Law of Attraction and positive thinking takes a full change of mindset from within. When you find out that whatever you put out into the Universe comes back to you in some form, you begin to restructure your feelings and thoughts based on what you decide you want your life to be. It isn't always an easy task to change a repetitive thought pattern but it is well worth it when you find your life easing up and find a grateful flow of abundance in all areas of your life.

Let's think about the word 'resolution' for a moment. Resolution means to be determined in making something happen. Now we know that words alone aren't what propel the Law of Attraction into action. It is the thought and the feeling of what we want that initiates what we desire in our lives and it is the feeling; the emotion of how you feel about a certain focus that brings you what you focus on.

Hearing the word resolution brings to mind that you are going to make something happen come hell or high water. By taking on the feeling of resolution it sounds as if we are ready for a fight. It's going to happen no matter what, and that feeling is one of resistance. And you know what that will bring: more resistance.

Each New Year's Eve we have a meeting of the minds. We get together with everyone who is a part of our life; those who support and encourage all of our ideas. And we do the same for them. It doesn't matter if you have anyone to help support you, though. You and you alone can create the New Year as you want it.

We then write down and talk about what our dreams and life inspirations are. We each take a turn in creating the reality we want without resistance. So for those two hours together we imagine 'as if' life is just as we want it with all of the ideas and concepts we envision for the next year. Maybe you want to quit smoking. If you were at our New Year's Eve meeting of the minds you would visualize what it must be like to feel smoke free. You'd breathe easier and enjoy life without something that you thought you needed. You would live in the moment of what it must be like.

Everyone around you would encourage and support your new end result and live through your eyes as you describe your day without smoking. Instead of feeling as if it is going to be an uphill battle you put out the vibration of how it feels to have already gotten what you wanted. This is the Law of Attraction's way of seeing a New Year's resolution.

Maybe you vow you are going to make more money this year and then wonder how you're going to do it. The doubt sets in and you become frustrated, wondering if that kind of New Year's resolution is going to happen. All of the thoughts and feelings that come along with what you envision become a part of what you send out to the Universe and that is what will come back into your life. The Law of Attraction New Year's way is to envision what you will be doing next year with a full bank account and all the joy that comes along with that.

Take a moment to imagine a day full of exactly what you want in your new year. See it, feel it, and see it 'in the now' of the day. Every day after making your New Year's wish take some time to imagine 'in the now' of having it all and then let it go to the Universe without any more energy spent on how, when, or where. The Universe figures out all that for you. You just envision and stick to your focus and the Universe takes care of the rest because of your constant positive focus on the desires of your life.

So make a New Year's resolution the LOA way and watch your New Year unfold exactly how you envisioned it. And Happy New Year!

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Beth and Lee McCain host a popular nationally syndicated weekly radio show Radio LOA on Experience Radio and publish the national LOA magazine, The Indicator. You are invited to visit Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site for more Law of Attraction and positive thought and free study materials.