August 2009-Investing in real estate has never been easier, nor more user friendly thanks to the newest wave of foreclosure bus tours. The Foreclosure Bus Tour offers exclusive, detailed and personal information about properties available to tour participants from real estate and investment professionals, removing the pressure to purchase.

The concept of foreclosure bus tours has become quite popular in recent years. Many tours include a realtor whose properties are the ones being visited, giving the realtor a biased, more personal incentive based reason to make a sale. A recent foreclosure bus tour in Atlanta, however, turns this practice around, making it a better, less stressful opportunity for investors. This is improved practice is exercised by the Foreclosure Bus Tour of Detroit.

At no cost to you, you become privy to a 5 hour tour of available Detroit area properties with the Foreclosure Bus Tour. Enjoy an educational experience and unprecedented access, not real estate agent induced stress. Instead of a hard sell while riding between locations, you will receive expert advice, opinions and suggestions by dedicated, non-commission seeking professionals. The tour also includes a home inspector who discusses the condition and potential of each home after visiting.

Metro Detroit real estate is a deeply sought after market, attracting investors from overseas. A recent article on CNN detailed an upcoming trip by Chinese investors looking to purchase American homes for between $300,000 and $800,000 at foreclosure. Similar trips are being scheduled throughout the year thanks to the successful nature and ample investment opportunities. These opportunities could be yours!

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MFMH and CDMH are cooperatively run by Christopher J. Shaw, Darrick H. Scruggs, Sandra Smith and Joey Williams Jr With more than two decades in the real estate industry, Shaw and Scruggs have dedicated themselves to educating potential buyers and sellers on the housing market and navigating the acquisition of investment properties. Their decision to fuse MFMH and CDMH came from a mutually shared belief in the power of teamwork and a desire to create accessible investment opportunities.

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Christopher Shaw is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, with over12 years of experience and has a passion for working with First Time Home Buyers, Mr Shaw has an ambitious goal of helping 1000 new First Time Buyers become home owners of the next 36 months. In addition he wants to leverage each transaction to adopt up to 1000 families through Volunteers of America's Adopt a Family Program.