There are many different teaching systems in use these days but on the whole most share a common factor. They all integrate some form of technology in their structure.

New teaching systems come into play all the time but these days there is a thread running through nearly all of them. Technology is used in new ways and almost all new teaching systems use some form of computers or the internet. It’s worth taking a look at the different ways that technology has impacting teaching and perhaps get a few clues about where tech may take teaching in the future.

The computer is the biggest technological addition to the new teaching systems. Entire presentations are created on computers and presented to lecture halls full of students that then take notes on their laptops. The old fashioned slide show is replaced with the Power Point presentation and lecture changes can be instantly emailed to every student in class with the press of a button. In addition to using the computer to present information there is also the use of the internet as a teaching tool.

The internet has become all things to all people. It’s a research tool, a dictionary, a calculator and a translator. It holds billions of ideas and makes the most intricate and detailed course curriculums seem simple in comparison. Above all the internet allows access via wireless signals in the midst of class, allowing students to double check their facts and seek out new points of view during debates. The down side of this is that it’s very easy to present an idea gleaned from the internet as your own and as such some professors are less than thrilled with the constant present of the web in their classrooms.

There are a few other interesting uses of technology in developing a course. Since there are now everything from pens to computer programs that will record entire lectures, note taking in class is becoming a lost art as students simply re-listen to lectures and take notes later. There are also a number of applications regarding websites and allowing information to be shared via the web.

All in all there are a number of new teaching systems that benefit greatly from the inclusion of technology. It’s interesting to think of where all the inventions of today may lead us in the future. From computers to cell phones that record lectures there many ways that the process of teaching and learning has grown leaps and bounds.

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