New Zealand is a gorgeous country with varied landscapes that will leave you awestruck. Renting a campervan to tour the country is a great way to really take in the natural aspects of visiting here. Renting a campervan can be relatively simple if you get one equipped with basic necesities such as a water tank and bed sheets. Planning in advance a few things can make all the difference between a fun filled adventure and a trip filled with surprises you aren't ready for.

One thing to think about when renting a campervan is the energy usage that will occur, both gas and electricity. Many campervan rentals come with a separate, so called house battery. This house battery has only so much charge, but you can re-charge them by just driving or by hooking it up to the main battery. Depeding on your electricity usage and the size of the house battery you may need to re-charge it one time per day. This feature is especially great considering that it ensures your main battery is always ready to get the car started, running down the battery is easy with the large amount of common devices that run on electricity being constantly used.

Another tip is to beware of extra, hidden charges when dealing with some rental companies. There is the insurance, which isn't so expensive, but often recommended. Make sure the insurance is included with the campervan in the price or clearly stated, and show the overage charges. Watch out for road charges as diesel fuel vehicles incur a road charge of NZ$5.70 per 100 kilometers in New Zealand. Check the minimum hire period of the rental agency before you start considering anything else, many of them in NZ ask for at least a week minimum for campervan rentals. There can also be a bond that companies charge, usually a credit card along with a signed agreement can help you avoid paying the bond, but some companies only take cash and traveler's checks.

Mind your surroundings when taking a campervan around NZ, watch for no parking signs, don't drive on the beach, and know the macro-geography of where you are headed. For example, booking a trip across the Cook Strait ahead of time is highly encouraged, especially during the high season in New Zealand which is December to March. Travel at a decent speed, these campervans aren't indy cars, and about 90-100 km/hr is recommended top speed most of the time. Snow tires might be a good idea for some venturing into the mountains but if you are starting to need snow chains you might want to consider renting a more appropriate vehicle or find a better road to drive on.

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Lucky Rentals in Auckland and Christchurch offer campervan rental New Zealand and don't have any hidden fees, usually have separate house batteries, and there is no bond to pay if you have a credit card. They offer smaller 2 berth campervans as well as their biggest - The Condo campervan rental - with 4 berths, flat screen TV, and kitchen sink.