In the 2011 Stressed in America Findings published by the American Psychological Association (APA), New Yorkers, more than other Americans, cited willpower as the leading barrier to making lifestyles changes, including those that reduce stress. Furthermore, New Yorkers said making lifestyle and behavior changes required too much time and effort. It doesn’t have to be that way, but New Yorker may not realize what’s really going on. A chronic lack of willpower, never enough time in the day, not enough energy to get important things done–in my line of work (Transformation, Meditation, Metaphysics and Personal Alchemy), those are symptoms of an “energy leak”. Plug it up with an organic meditation practice, which can build up the areas of the brain that help to boost willpower.

Your level of willpower, effectiveness, efficiency and even achievement (among other attributes) are related to your level and balance of Inner Power. Stress can have a huge impact on this equation. Meditation is an important tool for developing inner power and preventing the energy leaks caused by stress and other things. And research is finally catching up to support the usefulness of meditation overcoming addictions, anxiety depression, and a lack of mental focus. Not surprisingly, more and more meditation groups are popping up in the New York City homes, offices and public places. And last year’s report from the APA showed New Yorkers were twice as likely to meditate as other Americans. But although more New Yorkers are meditating, it doesn’t mean they’re meditating well. I’m always surprised to see, practitioners, especially experienced ones who have fallen into a common meditation pitfall that impedes their progress and keeps them stuck and caught up in the “same old same old” of their everyday life. It’s one of the reasons that in my Meditation Program at the City College of New York (, I teach more than just meditation technique and stress management. I also teach conscious energy management, emotional management, self-management, life management, alchemical consciousness, and how to make challenging changes more easily.

Most New Yorkers, and probably most people, turn to meditation primarily as a stress management aide. That’s only the tip of the meditation iceberg. New Yorkers who meditate merely to relax and de-stress may be missing the boat…and the greater benefits of the practice. Meditation also helps with the other issues of well-being that concern New Yorkers. Stress management was only #2 on their list of goals. #1 was having a good relationship with family, while #3 was doing well in career or studies. Meditation is a bridge between your life goals and your ability to achieve them. And it’s a portal to what lies beyond your goals, beyond your mind, and what you think is beyond your power.

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Antonia "Dr. M" Martinez, PhD – “The Inner Power Doctor” – is an expert in Life & Relationship Transformation, Personal Alchemy, Metaphysical Psychology, and Meditation. She teaches the Meditation Program at the City College of New York and is Director of the Inner Life Society. Dr. M’s ground-breaking work in the field of achieving breakthroughs combines a unique blend of eastern, western, indigenous, and original techniques for clearing subconscious blocks, breaking unhealthy patterns, ending chronic cycles of underachievement, and mapping personalized breakthrough paths toward clear goals. She is the creator of the Whole Growth Method and the Inner Power Mapping Technique. Dr. M has authored several books, games, workshops and wisdom cards, including the Healing Man Healing Woman card game, the Next Step Deck for Alchemical Goal Achievement, and the Inner Power Workbook. Dr. M also partners with entrepreneurship organizations and with professionals in Health, Human Services and Rehabilitation/Recovery to bring holistic personal development programs to their clients. Explore her articles and videos, and join her mailing list at Visit her online store at