Undeserved Forgiveness.

Wow, those 2 words together are powerful! I believe that God grants us undeserved forgiveness and that, in turn, we are meant to allow the same for others. Actually doing it .…..well that’s the hard part. As a Christian, I know and believe that it’s possible to achieve this but I can tell you that it’s something that I have to continuously work on. And perhaps it will be a lifelong journey. Every time I think I’m getting close, I’m tested again and realize that I’m not quite there.

Forgiveness is a beautiful word until you have something to forgive.” C.S. Lewis

There will always be people who will let you down and things that just aren’t fair in life but it’s not up to us to set it right. You have to keep going and remain positive. Letting those people and situations get to you will weigh you down and prevent you from living the life that God has for you. Holding onto pain serves no purpose. Can you imagine the freedom that comes from truly abandoning of all of the bitterness and feelings of disappointment of things past? What a release it would be!

And if I’m being really honest with myself, I must acknowledge that the things that have hurt me in the past aren’t so horrible. Yes, some of them caused a tremendous amount of tears and are taking a lot of hard work to overcome. But when I think about the people that have found a way to forgive rapists and murderers…….my transgressors pale in comparison. I can't begin to comprehend how one forgives that kind of horror. And I thank God that I haven't had to work on that level of forgiveness. I have been blessed and am thankful.

As I get ready to start a new year, I think about all the baggage I can choose to leave behind or to carry with me into 2012. What a great resolution to make! Talk about losing weight……this will really lighten the load, the load on your heart and soul. So I challenge you to make this a New Year’s Resolution for 2012…..forgive someone who has not asked to be forgiven, who hasn’t even admitted to doing you wrong, much less deserves to be forgiven. That doesn’t mean you have to set yourself up for more abuse from that person but you can choose to forgive. Your forgiveness will impact YOU way more than it will them. It will set you free.

May 2012 be filled with many blessings of grace and mercy. Happy New Year!

Kathryn C. Wheat WomansInSite.com

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I am an ordinary woman who has found a way to share some of my life's experiences in the hopes that you will be able to identify with and take comfort in knowing that we all face similar things in life. Yes, our stories are all different but the emotions and feelings are the same and as women, we empathize so easily with each other. It's how we help each other grow.

I am a daughter, mom, friend, exercise & yoga enthusiast, scuba diver....
I love my life and am forever grateful for His grace and mercy.

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