My all-time favorite quote is "Be the change you want to see in the world" from Mahatma Gandhi. This has been my New Year's resolution for a number of years now and will again be my resolution for this year. From past experience I already know that I will fall short over and over again throughout the course of the year. I know that I will forget about it, at times even on purpose, as it happens with most resolutions. I have learned to forgive myself for my shortcomings, correct my course, be re-inspired by my all-time favorite quote, and keep trying my best to find ways to be the change I want to see in the world.
It's amazing how many opportunities arise throughout a year if I manage to stay aware and willing. And this is all that I feel is asked of me. First, to become aware of the change I want to be, and then be willing to put it into action, to actually take the necessary steps to be the change I want to see in this world.
Over the years I also learned that I have to be very specific with my resolutions in order to stay motivated and stick with it. I have to understand the meaning behind it all, what motivates me in the first place. I have to understand my "why".
So what change do I want to be? Can I say it in one sentence? Or can I even reduce it into one single word? Over the years I also learned that if I need too many words to describe what I want to achieve, or if it sounds too complicated, I haven't understood my "why" yet, had to turn inward again, listening in silence to my inner wisdom. This is where I find my answers, by listening inwardly with honesty. Then I have to find the courage to take action.
It took me some time to find my answer to my "why", but I now have one word that captures the change I want to be. The one word that inspires and guides me is PEACE. I want to see peace in the world.
But this is only one part of my all-time favorite quote. And it is not even the first part! The first part says that I have to be the change in order to see the change in the world. I actually have to do something. I need to take actions that contribute to peace. I have to be peace.
How can I be peace? Again, the answer came to me from within in silence. The change has to start within me, with my thoughts. Thoughts always come before actions. This understanding became my inspiration and my guide. I have to examine my thoughts; all of my thoughts, with honesty and courage, to make sure that my outward actions actually contribute to peace. Outward action, what becomes visible in the world, always starts with the invisible thought within me. Only I can hear my thoughts and change them if necessary. Only peaceful thoughts can contribute to peace.
One peaceful thought put into action, one at a time.
It starts with me.

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As a Life Transiton Coach Lisa Velazquez works with individuals who have to adjust to a new culture, with parents who want to raise multilingual and multicultural children, and with people who want to live life to the fullest with authenticity and purpose, honoring the different life stages.