Feng Shui New Year’s good wishes usually range from prosperity, good or improved health and wealth to longevity and peace within. Whatever your resolutions and wishes are for the new year may you find ways to accomplish each of them. There are many ways to improve positive energy flow into the various areas of your home and life to help you accomplish your new year’s goals. In this article I will focus on one of the most requested, prosperity.

Even though there are a number of things you can do in your home to enhance positive prosperity energy it is important to first determine what type of prosperity you wish to enhance. Prosperity in the field of Feng Shui can be described as accumulated financial wealth and resources or it can also be described in terms of off springs, friends and supportive associates.

When one is surrounded by many children and grandchildren who admire and respect you, you are not only happier but extremely wealthy in supportive family love and positive relationships energy. It is absolutely amazing just how much good uplifting energy one receives from a newborn’s little smile or the hug of a wonderful teenager. There is also nothing that brings a smile to your face faster or encourages you more than a friend that stops by or calls just to see how you are doing or if you are feeling better.

If this is the type of prosperity and wealth you are wishing for then look to the relationships area of your home in the southwest and your children’s area which is in the west. Enhance the southwest area of your living room and bedroom by creating a grouping of family pictures framed in terra cotta or earth tones. You can also symbolically place a favorite collection in that same area to help multiply positive relationship energy. A beautiful bouquet of flowers in varying sizes and colors will work as well. Make sure the colors create a happy smile on your face every time you look at them. In the west area of your home you can use a wonderful picture on the wall of a field of sunflowers dancing in the sunshine or a still life of a brass pot overflowing with an abundance of fruit. Make sure the predominant color in the picture is gold as it represents the west and children. Both areas need to be enhanced for prosperity energy to flow into your home from children, family, friends and associates.

In order to enhance the financial wealth and resources area of your life you need to look toward the southeast and the northwest areas of your living room. In the southeast place a luscious wonderful green growing plant as this is the wealth area. If you are not into plants, an alternative would be a money pot or something very symbolic to you of “a pot of gold”. You will also need to enhance the northwest which is the helpful people area of your home. In order to attract more wealth all of us need helpful people in our lives who can lead us to new business ventures, investments or introduce us to much needed contacts. Enhance the northwest area by using silver. It can be elegant silver picture frames of you at very successful events you’ve created or with helpful business associates and friends. A large beautiful vase or statue in silver will also work well.

Wealth and prosperity come in many shapes and sizes so you need to determine exactly what type of prosperity you are looking for and then focus your energy and the energy in your surroundings to help make it happen.

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Pat Heydlauff, CEO of Energy By Design, draws her knowledge and wisdom from life experiences and personal issues. She experienced and overcame many challenges such as job elimination, illnesses, loss of sight in one eye and care-taking. Pat was divinely guided to balance her world through her artistic expression, painting. This put her in a state of prayer and meditation which lead her to create the art book, “The Way We Go” Your Roadmap to a Better Future. She is also the author of published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It, Your Roadmap to a Better Future and Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge, 21 Ways to Increase... Employee Engagement and published books. Contact her at 561-408-2708 or www.energy-by-design.com