Defying all the predictions of Mayan, 2013 has arrived. And with this new year, it is time for partying hard with friends and family. This party time, you should look ravishing and gorgeous in your dress. This is the season of bold colors, trendy hair-dos and makeup which has a celebrity-like panache. So finalize your dress and accessories and follow some of the trendiest makeup tips to look your best this new year.

Base Makeup:

Well, winter is a season of daring colors. So you can ditch the regular pink hue primer with foundation base and go for a golden matte finish primer or a copper base. These bases look great if you have a fair skin and if you are wearing a dress in darker shade (black, violet, bottle green etc). However, for people with dusky complexion, we will suggest you stick to the basic foundation layer.

Eye Makeup:

Try to mix copper or golden shade with the shade of your dress and apply the eye shadow. For example, if you are wearing a wine red dress then apply wine red eye shadow on the lower part of the eye lids and sweep a brush of golden (not glittering) eyeshadow on the upper part. Such combination can be done for many other shades. Eye kohls are back in fashion. Make sure that you use a waterproof eye-liner and/ or kohl so that it does not wipe off during the party.

Picking the Right Lipstick:

Take a look at any recent red carpet event and you will notice one thing: red lipsticks are a rage these days. So why stay behind? This new year, opt to go for daring red shades for your lips. Make sure that you apply toner before applying lipstick. Chipped lips are a complete no-no at a party. If you wish to try some other color, then we would suggest you to go for bright pink or copper brown shade. This year's lipstick mantra is: darker the better!

The Do's for a new year party makeup:

  • Apply primer and base before applying makeup.
  • Use prominent shades of lipstick and eye shadows to emphasize your features.
  • Carry a tissue/ paper napkin with you in the party in case of any makeup mishap.
  • Use waterproof cosmetic products so that the makeup does not wipe off even after long hours of dancing at the party.

The Do Not's for a new year party makeup:

  • Do not apply makeup on the skin without applying moisturizer.
  • Do not choose cosmetic shades which do not complement your clothes.
  • Do not go to a party with chipped lips, dry skin, and unkempt hair.
  • Do not use low quality cosmetic products as they might drab the entire look.

If you follow the above makeup tips, you will definitely look gorgeous and you will set the new year rolling. Just make sure that you are confident throughout the event and your friends and family will adore your new look.

Author's Bio: 

I am Aja Levis, a freelancer finance consultant. Apart from that I love to write on health, fashion related topics. This article is on party makeup ideas which will guide how to do makeup for party.