I know. Every year it is the same thing. You are all pumped up for the big event, and you have already made out your wish list of resolutions that you plan to carry out in the New Year. Yet year after year, you continue to do the same things that keep holding you back in your life. Why? Is it because you are used to leading your life a certain way? Is it because you have grown complacent to the comfort of knowing how each day is going to be like for you? Or is it because somewhere deep inside of you, you are afraid to let go of all the “stuff” that you have been holding onto?

I realize it is easier said than done. In fact, it is often a challenge for many of you to release things that give you some form of comfort. Even negative feelings and past hurts can sometimes be a comfort — because you know that you can use those as a crutch whenever you want to blame something or someone for your choices in life. The problem with that type of behavior is that the longer you hold onto your emotional baggage, the harder it is for you to move forward in life.

New Year – New Attitude
Why not try something extraordinary this time? Instead of doing things the same way you normally have in the past, use this New Year to reward yourself by pursuing opportunities for positive change. This means that you must challenge yourself to let go of that old pessimistic attitude and reinvigorate your soul being with the awareness that anything is possible – if you choose it to be.

With the New Year comes new opportunities – I want you to bid farewell to those feelings of old. Remember, only you have the power to transform your life into one that will be joy-filled and prosperous. Your metamorphosis will begin to take shape once you understand and apply a renewed sense of purpose in all your undertakings. That purpose is to enrich your life in every aspect; but you must truly want it with all your heart. You achieve this by letting go of the past. Then, you can begin to build upon the experience and wisdom of your history to manifest the foundation for your present and future. Make every minute count! Go into this New Year with a new attitude and watch the pendulum swing in your favor!

Joan Marie, your Intuition Girl

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New Year – New Attitude
By Joan Marie

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