Laser Etching is a popular process that is used in order to craft an image or pattern on materials like metal, glass or wood with the help of a laser beam. Involving a large number of etching if it is a mega assignment that, then with the help of computer program, it is done.
The intensity of heat in the laser is decided on the basis of the type of metal. In two parts, laser etching can be broadly classified. One laser etching process is carried out hand held and the other is machine operated. In a manufacturing setting these types are mostly available. To correct minor errors or quality issues with the product at the end of the work flow the hand held unit is used by production technician. Laser Engraving tool is also used by artisans or engravers who need to create a very precise work product. To mass-produce a specific pattern, by etching it into the final material the machine-operated unit is programmed.

To cut into the unprotected parts of the substrate strong and high density laser is used in Laser Etching. On a metal or glass surfaces is the most common use for etching. It is often mistaken for laser engraving. The procedure behind each of the methods is very different though the outcome might be similar. For this process, there are various machines available but reliability, operation and rate of the machines are the most crucial elements to be checked. Drawing a large amount of power to operate the laser, the laser etching machine will have to produce considerate amount of heat. With machines like laser etching machines, the risk of parts burning out or failing is higher. For a certain period of time a reliable one will guard you from repair costs and before needing to invest in repairs, allow you to get the benefit of the machinery.

These days plastic card embossing is also becoming popular. Via the hot stamp process is the most common way to put information on a customized plastic card. Overlaid with dry ink, an engraved metal plate is heated and applied to the card. Metal plate embossing is also used for embossing the metal plate. On plastic discount cards or plastic membership cards, this process creates the familiar printing and logos seen. With an eye-catching metallic foil, you even can order plastic business cards hot printed.

To differentiate cards from each other consecutive numbering is the most basic way. For custom plastic card printing a variety of bar code formats also is available. Coming in low or high density, magnetic striping is more expensive. For magnetically encoding information on custom plastic cards, 3 tracks are available. Scanned into a format that can be used by computer on computerized cash register, OCR is a process where a special pre-printed image on a plastic card.

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