Fried rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, more and more people are drinking tea now, drinking tea has become a part of people's lives, but many people still have some misunderstandings about drinking new tea, thinking that the new tea is the fresher the better However, the content of new tea is not very rich. So what should you pay attention to when drinking new tea?

1. Soft feeling at the entrance.

At the entrance of the tea soup, the first feeling is that it is sweet, or is it a strong bitter taste? Or is it a heavy astringency, is the first mouth entrance acceptable to you? It is necessary for the tea to be bitter, right? But if the entrance is a trace The softness of the tea has no affection for the tea soup in the mouth, and such tea will not be considered in comparison.

2. Tea soup tongue bitterness.

No matter how good the new tea is, how good it is to make and how good the mountain is. If the new tea is not bitter, I think it is basically impossible. The entrance of the tea soup first feels whether it is bitter, or astringent, bitter and astringent. Different, bitterness is single, that is, the perception of the tongue surface, the astringency should be the tongue base or the tongue surface, the convergence of the tongue and cheeks should be like this. Entrance, bitter and astringent, after a period of time, will it produce sweetness on the tongue surface, that is, when breathing, or swallowing, the tongue surface is sweet and sweet, make an analogy, you eat licorice tablets, drink afterwards Water, there is that sweet taste in the mouth. Recall if you feel this way when drinking tea. Such sweetness, whether it comes quickly, whether it lasts for a long time.

3. Whether the aroma of tea is rich.

The aroma of tea has changed a lot. If we study the reasons for its formation, it is a huge project. Let’s ignore it first, let’s see what the aroma of the new tea is, and whether the new tea will have grassy gas or fresh water gas, which is normal. But if you drink tea, in addition to the grassy smell, there will be a slight floral fragrance, the fresh fragrance of the trees in the forest, or standing in front of the fruit stand, the kind of luscious fruit sweet fragrance. Maybe it is not obvious when smelling the tea soup. The aroma of some new tea will be wrapped in the tea soup. After the entrance, these aromas will appear on the palate. If there is, you can continue to drink, and then look at the increase in time and brewing times, will the aroma of tea continue to appear?

4. Whether the tea soup has a sense of hierarchy.

The so-called layering, this word, I feel very ethereal. When drinking tea, especially new tea, you may not pay attention. The entrance of the tea soup is a taste at the tip of the tongue, and another taste at the tongue. The base of the tongue will be different. As the number of brewing increases, the taste of the tea soup will also change. If it is brewed in the end, it will be a taste from the tip of the tongue to the throat. This new tea will not be more colorful in the back. which performed. For example, the entrance, the tip of the tongue is bitter, and staying for a while, there will be a slight bitterness on the tongue surface, swallowing the tea soup, the sweet taste of the root of the tongue, the breath of the throat is full of fresh fragrance. Reminisce and feel, does the new tea in your hand feel this way?

5. The smooth feeling of swallowing tea soup.

Don’t think that only old tea has a smooth and smooth taste of tea soup. In fact, the smoothness of new tea should be distinguished from that of old tea. When you drink new tea, the entrance of the tea soup, if you feel the tongue and face seem to suffer In order to moisturize, the whole tea soup wraps the tongue, smooth and moist, just like drinking honey water with pure water. In addition to the smoothness of the water, more honey is slippery.

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