If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms then you may consider these disorders as a warning sign. Both your mind and your body is stressed out and you must take deep and very personal self evaluation of what you are doing that is causing these problems. Your thinking process and what you say to yourself concerning all of your challenges and problems in life self creates your moods and your feelings. If you permit your mind to constantly dwell on negative, bad stressful then surely your life will become just like your thoughts. We become what we think about. All of us go through life constantly making choices. Indeed we really have no other choice except to make decisions about what we need to do in order to resolve our daily challenges and problems. For most of us the most common problems fall into these broad categories:
Health problems
Relationship issues
Job issues
Financial issues
Ironically if we become stressed out from one of these issues then invariably we soon find that all of these other issues soon become effected as well. Becoming stressed out over financial matters often causes stress in both our relationships and our jobs. Bad relationship problems or bad job issues can soon become so overwhelming that just about every thing important to us also becomes effected in negative ways including both our physical health as well as our mental health. Too much stress is associated with heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and many other serious illnesses. Is your health and perhaps your life worth pursuing a bad, stressful job situation? Is continuing a bad, stressful relationship worth having a heart attack or stroke? Is stressing out over the bills worth losing your health or your life?
Choices and more choices and the way in which you discuss these matters with yourself: What you say to yourself while you are thinking also self creates your moods, your attitudes and your feelings. Your thoughts, good or bad, soon become how you feel and how you life is self created.
Your self help starts by taking a close introspective examination of your self talk or what you say to you while you are thinking. Consider these observations:
You can't have an argument unless you choose to pursue the dialogue.
You won't continue to worry about a stressful job if you quit.
You won't continue to engage in a bad relationship if you end it.
Often the solution to our problems is a simple matter of choice. Easy to understand but, of course, not always so easy to implement. Often our good choices will eliminate our stressful and negative issues. Either we chose to end our bad, negative, stressful relationships and problems or we choose to keep on going on and on until we become very sick or lose our life.
Which one will you choose?
Blaming others for bad situations that are causing our stress will not solve any problems. It is just as likely that they are blaming you. Should we keep on and on as the situation just keeps getting worse and worse?
Or do we choose to quit?

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