“New Tool to Activate Your Brain For Learning & Memory?”
• 1. Me: “We have a NEW baby-easy way to add up to 35% to your Memory & Learning. And it’s permanent. Want it?”

• 2. You: “I’m not negative or even skeptical but – who says so, how much, and how hard to use is this new tool?”

• 3. Me: “University of Montreal, Prof. Steven Lockey, and Boston’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Published in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 2013 – 2072 DOI.

• The Take-Away of their research is: LIGHT activates your Attention-Span, alertness & mood. So what? That means LIGHT improves your learning-skills, IQ, and Memory.”

• You: “I don’t get it, what kind of light, and how do I use it to get the benefits you mentioned?”

• 4. Me: “If it’s complicated no one will use it, right? We tested this neuroscientific research on 2,500 of our students who attended SpeedReading101.org at Columbia University in NYC. Interesting?”

• 5. You: “Is it just for kids or college students or can adults use this light tool?”

• 6. Me: The evidence is that kids from 10-years old through Graduate School, and adults of all-ages can show
major improvements in learning & memory in 7-days of practice. Would you try it and be the judge?”

• 7. You: “How long before I see results?”

• 8. Me: “In the first 30-minutes using what we call your Raster-Master, a laser hand-held pen, you double your reading speed. It that worth the effort?”

• 9. You: “But when does the improvement become permanent, and it is real?”

• 10. Me: “You double your reading speed in the first seven (7) days of usage. Practice for 21-days for 15-minutes daily, and you 3x (Triple) your learning skills. Good?”

• 11. You: “And it’s got scientific proof? I don’t want to be a guinea-pig for speed reading, you know?”

• 12. Me: “We have been testing and working with our Raster-Master laser (hand-held) pacer-pointer for ten-years. Kids love it and bring it to school, and adults, including Corporate Executives, use it effectively at work.”

• 13. You: “Can I buy one for daughter in high school? How much?”

• 14. Me: “We don’t sell the RasterMaster separately. It comes as a tool with the one-day speedreading workshop. So does the 148 page workbook and handouts. Check it out.”

• 15. You: “I like it and will tell Maryanne about it. You got a website?”

• 16. Me: “For 13-years, we’re SpeedReading101, look below.”

• 17. You: “What makes it work again?”

• 18. Me: “The scientists say: they discovered a new PhotoReceptor in the brain’s retina. One is Cones, 7-million, and Rods, 100-million. The LIGHT photoreceptor
is a Ganglion-layer in the back, the retina.

• 19. You: “Do I have to do anything to make it work?”

• 20. Me: “Keep your finger on the laser-button to light it up. Read and Underline with the laser Raster-Master. That’s it. It’s baby-easy, and FUN. People will think you’re a Geneiac, like a Brainiac.”

• If you have to explain it, say this: the laser-light affects the Patterns associated with ATTENTION. That permits you to learn and remember a significant 34% more.”

• 21. You: “And the secret is L-I-G-H-T?”

• 22. Me: “You and me and all humans are part of the Electromagnetic Field. Our brainwaves are measured with an EEG, heartbeats with an EKG, and muscle activity with an EMG. Light is one of the keys to the EM field.”

• 23. “You: “When’s the next workshop?”

• See ya, “The faster you learn, the more you EARN.”

• Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

Bernard Wechsler, educational director for www.speedreading101.org

We worked with Evelyn Wood to help train the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents. We hold one-day workshops in
speedreading at Columbia University NYC.

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