New Research: Learning & Memory Up 33% - by Rhythm
• 1. “Like a fun way to Ace school and work?”

• 2. “Is it l-o-n-g and Boring, Pop?”

• 3. “My students say it’s cool & like a video game. Yes or no?”

• 4. “I’ll do a ‘Mind Experiment’, like Einstein called it.

• 5. It’s tested & proven at neuro-physicists at UCLA. It appears in the journal, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. Senior author, M. R. Mehta.

• 6. “Do you know the tune, “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream?”

• 7. “Sure, it’s a kid’s tune everyone knows from camp.”

• 8. “Don’t look for complications. You replace the words with what you want to learn & remember, right? It the Rhythm that helps you learn & remember whatever you insert, permanently.”

• 9. “That’s the big deal, Pop?”

• 10. Step: one. “Sit down, eyes opened, and you TAP (slap) like a drum, to a beat - on your knee-tops. That gets your Rhythm moving from your mind to your entire body. The Tune is, “Row-Row-Row.”

• Step: two. The Lyrics (words) to remember are:
“Synapse is a junction (connection) between 2 nerve cells.”

• Step: three: S-m-i-l-e as you Tap your knee-tops, eyes closed & mentally Visualize the words you want to recall. See them in your mind’s eye, as-if you’re reading a book.”

• 11. “I can do that, and it sounds like a great way to learn. First, I hear the Tune (not the words to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. Next, slap each hand on each leg-top. Drumming. Last is Singing, chanting the words I want to remember, right Pop?”

• 12. “I’m really proud of you. Now, Do it. Tap & chant. “Synapse is a junction (connection) between 2 nerve cells.” Keep a Smile on your face. Remember, see the definition of a Synapse in your mind’s eye.”

• 13. “I like it, and I try at school. Does it work the same way for business?”

• 14. “Sure. Science shows that “exposure to a rhythm & tune, music, alters and increases the brain’s learning & memory functions”. The Lyrics (words) and the Rhythm (tune) must be integrated as a learning strategy.”

• 15. “Does it work for learning foreign languages?”

• 16. “Yes. The definition of learning is comprehension & memory linked together. Some folks like the tune to “Old McDonald Have a Farm”. Any easy tune, but forget the words, and substitute what you want to learn.”

• 17. “It sounds too easy to work, Pop.”

• 18. “You know about V-A-K. Using your strongest three-senses, Vision-Auditory-Kinesthetic (sensation of movement). See & hear, plus drumming is V-A-K. Do this & you improve learning & memory 33%.”

• 19. “Yeah Pop, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Common sense, singing-a-song puts your brain in Alpha brainwaves, and you relax & remember more.”

• 20. “Kid, you’re a brainiac. You do NOT have to remember this. Rhythm is a synonym for frequency, the same as a radio at 88.5 and a different station at 89 f.m.”

• 21. “So what?”

• 22. “Mehta said, “Our work suggests that some problems with learning & memory (for kids & Seniors) are caused by Synapses not being tuned to the RIGHT frequency.”

• 23. “I still don’t understand, Pop.”

• 24. “When you TAP to a Rhythm, you stimulate the Synapses to increase in strength. That improves your learning & memory. Synapses have a preferred frequency, Rhythmic tapping raises it for Brainiacs.”

• 25. “But Dr. Franklin, what is your Electricity good for?”

• 26. Tap for two-minutes before an exam and you’ll excite

long-term memory improvement. Tap before an interview and your being an extrovert shines through.
Tap before doing a presentation, and the audience will love you. And it is a great Stress-Buster.”

Remember, “the faster you learn, the faster you EARN.”
“Tap-in, Turn-on, and Tune-in” – because in the Knowledge-Economy, bigger-is-better.”

Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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