Becoming a parent can be both a very exciting and scary time. The reason it can be scary is that a new parent is now completely responsible for the health and well-being of a very fragile child. That’s a huge responsibility. Part of that responsibility includes ensuring that your home is a safe environment for your new baby to live and grow in. Here are four things you should consider.

Install Baby Gates

Eventually, your baby will be crawling everywhere in your home. Then he or she will begin walking albeit poorly. Injury from sudden falls can be fatal. According to the National Institutes of Health, falls are the seventh leading cause of infant deaths. Baby gates prevent children from falling to their death from elevated areas like stairs.

Get Outlet Plugs

Electrocution is another big risk for infants and young children. Sticking one’s finger or an object like a toy into an electrical outlet can prove deadly. Thankfully, solving this problem doesn’t take much work. Simply purchase some inexpensive plastic outlet plugs and install them into every outlet within in reach of your child.

Buy a Baby Monitor

While many parents wish otherwise, you can’t be physically with your infant 24 hours a day. However, you can still keep track of your baby’s activity in his or her crib with a baby monitor. Purchase a good quality baby monitor to keep an eye on your child while in other rooms. Newer models even come with smart phone apps that can stream you audio and video.

Use Edge and Corner Guards

Eventually, your child will learn how to walk. During the first several months, there will be a lot of tripping, falling down and bumping into things. However, if you aren’t careful, your child could run into a sharp corner or sharp edge on a table and get seriously injured with cuts and bruises. Purchase and install corner and edge guards to make sure that bumping into things in your home isn’t as dangerous for your child.

Renovate Your Home

However, sometimes no matter what quick changes you may add, a home may still not be suitable for a young infant. In that case, you should consider a renovation. Renovate one room in your home into a nursery so that your child has a safe, bright and happy space to grow up in. Also consider renovations to other rooms to make your home more kid safe for when your child is more mobile. You can either do this type of project by yourself or, if you feel like you lack the skillset, you can hire a company like Parkview Homes to help you make the home more kid-proof.

Being a parent is a big responsibility. It takes a lot of planning, money and hard work to do it right. In the end, though you’ll be glad that you have put in all the effort you did for your child’s safety and happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.