"There is a fullness of all things, even of sleep and love." -Homer (800 BC - 700 BC)

Over the past four weeks since the last new moon in Aries, we may have had the opportunity to plant something new in our lives. And like any thing that we want to grow, it's important to remember that a seedling needs constant attention. And to me that's what Taurus is about- the warming temperatures, the nourishing rain and the bright sun that is constant and persistent in order to enliven a seed (inspiration) and help it to grow and flower.

This new moon in Taurus is about keepin' on keepin' on. This implies responsibility and the slow and steady pace used by one who will see something to its fullness.

And then Taurus passes onto Gemini where those sensual (read data gathering) experiences are translated into symbols (words) that can be exchanged (Gemini). But more on that next month. For now let's look at the Taurus new moon...
The Astrology of the New Moon
The new moon occurs on May 13, 2010 at 23° of Taurus.

Taurus describes one's ability to be practical, persistent and determined. Just as the April showers give way to the May flowers during the springtime, so too does Aries develop into Taurus in order to actualize its inspiration.

In astrology Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and gives this sign its association with fertility (productivity), beauty, and sensuality.

The planet Saturn, currently at 28deg of Virgo, makes a favorable aspect to this new moon, adding an easy stability, a built-in structure, or clear boundaries to help us operate more effectively over this next month.

However, Venus (who rules the sign of Taurus) is being challenged by this same Saturn. Our focus and determination may come at a price- our relationships. Balance means balance in all areas of our life and this is one month where we will want to be more sensitive to those around us.

The new moon also makes a challenging aspect to the planet Neptune. In astrology Neptune is a symbol for escape, deceit,and dissolution. If we're too inflexible or stuck in the past then we may miss an opportunity. If we feel our purpose becoming clouded it will be important to rely on the plans and structures we've set up to keep us on track. What decisions, actions, or choices will we need to make in order to bring life to our dreams and inspirations? That is Taurus.

Mother nature does her best work during the springtime. Her love for the absolute beauty of life returning in a glorious chorus of color, scent, and taste is her motivation to keep going, to persist, and to continue to water the seeds in anticipation of their fullness.

May your best intentions reach their fullness this month. Namaste'

Author's Bio: 

Ron Archer is an astrologer living in Miami, FL. He uses astrology to help clients understand themselves better, make healthier choices, and cope with challenge and change. Ron blogs regularly on his website www.miamiastrology.com. He has also started the website www.techastrologer.com to help other astrologers and metaphysicians use technology to their benefit.