You must want to be acted gentle and polite when you play your first golf so that you can give them a good expression. As a new guy on the golf course, it's pretty normal for you to make some mistakes. However, it can be avoided if you learn some basic rules for the golf newcomer.

Punctual is the first important rule you should observe, golf game is deemed to be a gentlemen sports, and as a gentleman, the ignorance of punctual will be very impolite to the other golfers. You need to clear you tee time and make sure you are on the course half an hour earlier before the tee time. If there is a line up trying to pay for your green fees, you may miss your tee time. You should nerve try to show up at the course with three minutes left and try to rush to the first tee. If you are rushing like this, you probably are not going to be in the right frame of mind. Showing up late will be the most annoying thing to bother your playing partners, you are wasting their pleasure time. In an addition, you can come to the course early to do some warming up for your game, which will benefit your game.

Secondly, never cheat your playing partners. It's really very impolite to cheat your partners on your scores. Cheating would nerve be a quality that a gentleman could have, and most amateurs hacking away on the course on the weekend will use a foot wedge or drop a ball and only take a one-stroke penalty. Most times they will tell the other members in the group what they did, which normally results in other tales of similar strokes and play. Take a foot wedge or one less stroke and not tell you partners will result in never being asked back to play again. You should remember the rules and etiquette of the game and follow them. If you are playing slow, let the group behind you play through. If you are having a couple of beers you should watch your language. Nothing is worse than playing golf and hearing the group on the next hole cursing a swearing. If you are going to be frustrated after a bad shot and carry the anger to the next hole, you are going to have a very long day. It also makes it very awkward for your playing partners to play with someone who is obviously angry and upset. Have fun and laugh at your bad shots.

Next thing you should avoid is slow play. I believe you are also hate someone playing slow on the course, you would realize how annoying it makes the others feel if you supposed the person is you. You should not take too long to look for your ball if you lost it in the woods. It's very normal for the golf beginners to lose balls. What you should do is dropping a new ball and moving on if you cannot find your ball after a few minutes. If you are still playing really slow, let the group behind you play through. If things are blocked up ahead of you, make sure you communicate that fact to the group playing behind you.

Finally, if you are new to the game you should ask for advice and not give it. Like the old saying about two ears and one mouth goes, you should ask your partners for their advice when it comes to learning the game. There are lots of rules to the game and most players will be happy to discuss them with you. Most players will love to talk to you about shot strategies or a ways to take a couple of strokes off your game. By asking for advice you show your interest in improving your game.

What’s the most important thing when you are playing golf is having some fun. As a new golfer, knowing the above golf rules can help you build a good expression in front of other players, and help you make some friends in the game.

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