The literature now-a-days has gone through a revolution. At the initial stage, when books came into existence, it was mere a sharing of knowledge and ideas of the authors. But eventually, new genres were added to the writing of books. With new additions, the not only the authors but the poets also made a point to stay in the competition among being the best selling or awarding winning books. When the work of the writers and poets is encouraged with awards, they make a point be a useful asset. The award winning title has led to generate new genres of books and poets.

The poets now do not write poems just for the sole purpose of winning pat on the back. But now their purpose is to reach out the world with the love of language. The award winning poet has tried to create the world through their poems, in which they want to be. The award winning poet writes and uses the words in such a way that it portrays themselves through their poems. They try to show the world through the poems what they are today. Their inspiration can be the loss of a dear one, blissful moment and the moods and emotions they have felt in the world around them. It is not about translating experience but it’s all about living in an idea, nurturing it and getting the best possible outcome for the masses.

The latest and favorite genre of today’s generation and many readers is the romantic suspense genres. The romantic suspense genre still needs to be cleared among the minds of readers. A romantic suspense book is a novel which has a threat of suspense, mystery and danger, with portion of romance. There are different levels of writing by different writers. Some add adultery, hot romance, some make the suspense and mystery more dangerous, or even little cozy mystery is the scoop while writing the romantic suspense books.

There are various romantic suspense books in the market. They claim to be the best in the market. But when it comes to exposure to perfect characterization, tension building and setting mood, there are very few best selling romantic suspense book. The internet will provide you with bestselling books on the genre of romantic suspense.

The readers now prefer to change the genre they read, especially women readers. They are now shifting their interest from the general romantic novels to chick lit novels. These novels don’t only deal with contemporary issue but also keeps the humorous tone without compromising with sincerity of the issue. Chick lit novels are a type of women’ fiction. They have now come to the rescue of the women’s fiction genre as they ladies want to read novels that deal with present day issues. The readers have now liked the women’s fiction that empowers the protagonist in the novel. She is not the victim of the situation but the savior of the day. Women are in power and with wisdom write ups like these, it continues forever.

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