If you live in an industrialized country, you are likely just as guilty as many others you know of taking clean water and drainage for granted. Those who do not understand that natural resources are limited are simply pretending or just living in a state of denial. This doesn’t stop us plumber Lakewood and plumber Toms River professionals from doing the right ‘green’ thing when it comes to conserving water and energy by practicing popular methods of earth-friendly plumbing.

Critical Water Supplies
Many states have already made it clear to higher-ups that they believe the water-energy relationship is in a critical phase. Although in many ways, many states have stepped up and lead their own water conservation initiatives through public service announcements, events, and other opportunities to increase consumer awareness, not all of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of our government to supply us with clean drinking water. Much of that responsibility lies on all of us, each and every family, to really make headway in taking our land out of a critical phase in its water history.

Green Conservation vs. Green Building Design
Although green building design can go a long way in helping to conserve water and energy, it doesn’t stand alone, or remotely deep enough, to take care of our water conservation efforts completely. So even if every home on earth was created using the newest green building technologies, plumber Lakewood and plumber Toms River still educate families to take personal responsibility.

Currently, 36% of energy usage and 65% of electricity consumption is from buildings. Buildings are also responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and 12% of potable water consumption. These numbers can be significantly reduced by integrating green building technologies. So taking the initiative in choosing green building options should always be considered if you are lucky enough to be able to build your own home.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Uncomfortable
Many people who find conservation methods to be tedious and time-consuming may be surprised to know that there are many helpful things that can be done to help conserve water and energy, most often even reducing fuel cost in the home. At plumber Lakewood and plumber Toms River providers we advocate for:
• Insulating Pipes
• Using Low Flow and Low Flush Appliances
• Proper Pipe Placement in New Structures
Along with many other options that you should discuss with your local plumber, these changes can mean going green, without getting busy. They can also provide the best value in the long-term monetary cost of energy usage.
In the end, the most helpful element of water conservation could rightly be the education of everyone who is privileged enough to have a nearby tap they can switch on to grab a glass of water. It is increasingly ignorant to believe that without better efforts on our part to turn our old plumbing into more innovative green options, as well as practicing regular green water conservation tips, that we will continue to have a safe and steady supply of our world’s most precious resource.

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