Surgeons when called out to perform surgery they must work to their limit. However no matter how they are prepared to be in 100% of their real limit, it is possible for them to wear out and for this reason, they use surgery tools that enable them to do their best in concentrating; seeing vividly and clearly every minute vessels and tissues and one of the tools is the new optical tools bearing the CURV OPTICS Technology. But why use Curv Optics?

Surgeons need not make mistakes

Surgeons need to minimize if not totally eliminate errors during surgery. By using curv Optics which provide high resolutions for imaging and magnification, surgeons are 100% sure to determine shapes, locations and irregularities on cases they're doing. The Curv Optic technology allows for specific magnification that fits patient's case and needs. With less or totally no error, surgery is most likely to be 100% success.

Yielding promising results

Why use Curv Optics? It yields very promising experience both for patients and surgeons doing the surgery. This equipment is of lightweight materials and generally produces no pain in the neck area. Even standing for longer hours, Curv Optics will not caused any discomfort in the neck area and in the whole posture and with specifications that allow rotation and flipping up, surgeons can take some eye break . The flipping up would not in any way distort vision or returning to previous position or alignment. Patients and surgeons experience are similarly positive and very promising.

Provides what surgeons are after

Acuity and ease of use are what surgeons are after in using surgical optical tools. Why use curv Optics? They get and experience both acuity and ease of use. This technology also won over in the reductions of large refractive errors in surgical optics tools in the markets. The technology is simply transforming surgeon’s experience.

Surgeons enjoy personal preference

Some surgeons prefer using "through the lens" surgical optic tools while others prefer the flip up optics. Using curv Optics is of surgeons’ personal choose. Some enjoy it as it can be specifically fit for users and it match posture and that is focused on decreasing pressure on the neck area which is the majority consideration of the curv Optics. The frame styles are also dependent on surgeon’s preference. Some like the traditional frame while some like the sporty style. No matter how the style preferred is, the weight distribution is the main consideration of every curv Optics.
The market is still arguing on the use of this equipment. Standard optics companies are traditionally after the working distance however curv Optics technology is into consideration of magnified and unmagnified fields and on the reduction of discomfort and errors on acuity of visions. It has succeeded in reducing the excess weight and won over in eliminating hardware that can cause misalignment. Surgeons are now having better options and the choice usually results to new experience that brings about patient’s trust and enjoyment of the best treatment.

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Using Curv Optics is very advantageous for the surgeon as there are benefits of this technology in surgery.