Color blindness is the inability for one to see and identify colors when they come across items with multiple colors. If you’re suffering from color blindness, chances are you are not going to be able to different or distinguish when you’re handed a material having two or more colors. Seeing black and white vision is mostly prevalent amongst people with such disease. But nevertheless, there are several newly developed medical approach to it.

In the meantime, have you heard about the new color blindness discovery? Combined efforts of medical and scientific researchers has confirmed a new eye color blindness disease, smoothly spreading like weeds and taking over knowledge of the known pandemic color blindness that existed. The new color blindness is said to be a rare one, marked by light sensitivity, and multiple vision problems which is said to have resulted from gene mutation. This findings were made and published by the Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and have been backed up by several other research endeavors by major health organizations. And could lead to the invent of new target treatments and managements for those already infected.

Key points and materials of the findings indicated that mutations to a gene known as ATF6 which is a key regulator of unfolded protein response, may lead to achromatopsia (a hereditary visual disorder). Further driven by color blindness, diminishing vision, sensitivity to light and as well as an uncontrolled eye movement most especially in children.

By the use of unfolded protein response mechanism, cell are able to prevent the dangerous accumulation of misfolded proteins.

Some of the frequently asked questions about the new Color Blindness includes:

Is there yet a cure for it?
Are there chances of correcting mine?
How can I pass the Ishihara test?
Is it passed from mother to son?

Is there yet a cure for it? Should in case you are afraid whether there is solution to your new color blindness or not, you never should be. Scientists and researchers are working seriously hard to ensure potent medicines are invented -- even though, a clear and focused research is still focused on the main causative organism.

Are there chances of correcting mine? Certainly sure, medical researchers are coming up with different potential remedies for the treatment of the new eye color blindness. With the combined efforts of healthcare research bodies and adequate funding. Affordable medications would soon be vastly distributed in the market.

How can I pass the Ishihara test?
The Ishihara visual weakness test is the frequently utilized test to check shading vision inadequacies. There are distinctive sets accessible which are regularly utilized for pilot, cop and other employment enlistments, where immaculate color vision is a precondition. What's more, on account of this principle, numerous visually challenged individuals are searching for an approach to have the capacity to finish such a test.

But unfortunately, there isn’t yet a sure way to evade this test.

Is it passed from mother to son? An ample number of mothers and guidance are bothered and curious to know. My son is well past the number and alphabet age, he recognizes alphabets and counts a few numbers unmistakably. But he has always failed on interpreting colors, how should I know if he had the same?

The answer is this “Time”. You don’t have to be too fast on the child, it’s obvious that new color blindness can be passed down from mother to child, but on the same hand; it’s also certain your son might not be having it. All you need is patience, wait until he gets to Kindergarten or a higher class, then evaluate him again.

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