First time parents have a ridiculous amount of new ideas to think about, so to be as organised as possible before the birth of the baby is not just helpful, but essential. As a new parent, and not knowing whether to expect a girl or a boy, it can be difficult to decide what can be bought before the birth. The list that follows has been compiled by new mum’s, and is designed so that these items can be bought before the baby is born, leaving more time to enjoy those first months of mother (and father) hood without the added stress of shopping for essentials.


The nursery should be decorated with baby in mind and contain the furniture s/he needs such as a wardrobe and changing mat. A pretty lampshade, some pictures and a mobile above the cot are ideal decorations to keep baby amused and happy in a nurturing environment.
Cot / Cot Bed / Bassinette or Moses Basket
Linen & blankets for the bed, that can be removed or added according to temperature
Hypoallergenic mattress and cover
Teddies ETC

Out & About

Car Seat
Pram/Buggy with rain cover and accessories
Changing Bag – ensure in it is wipes, spare nappies and feeding equipment
Travel Changing Mat
Blankets and /or fleece


"Baby On Board" sticker for the car
Baby Monitor
Bath thermometer
Fireguard and plug protectors will become more important as baby grows

Bath time

Baby Bath
Lots of soft fluffy towels
Sponge and flannels
Rubber Ducky and bath toys


Breast Pump
Breast Pads
Sterilising Equipment

Education/Play/Chilling Time

Play Mat / Play Pen
Bouncy Chair / Swing
Colourful and noisy toys to simulate development and drive a tired mum and dad insane
Book – start reading to baby early this will soothe them as they are already used to mum and dad’s voice from hearing it in the womb.

Baby Products

Nappies & Nappy Sacks – disposable nappies or cloth nappies are making a comeback
Towels (Lots of them)
Cotton Wool & Cotton Wool Buds
Baby Bath Products - a gentle brand
Baby Wipes – Preferably ultra sensitive
Infracol - which is colic treatment for babies
Sudocream / Nappy Rash Cream
nail clippers
Nasal Saline Drops

Products For Mum

Nursing Bra /Breast pads/ Nipple Cream
Sanitary Towels or Maternity Pads / Disposable Knickers
Eye Cream

Clothing (For First Few Weeks)

Children’s clothes are an expense, generally to the extent to which parent’s wish they could buy their babies togs at wholesale prices. Baby will grow at an alarming rate, but it is important to dress your child in gentle hardwearing materials, that they can grow and play in.
Baby hats
Scratch mittens
Baby Vests
Snow suits (if it is cold)

All of these items can, of course, be expensive, so it might be an idea to have a Baby Shower wish list, where friends bring baby-based gifts to expectant mothers, although it is important to keep this list within reason. Items can be bought online for wholesale prices, and remember to look out for freebies and discounts when joining new parenting clubs online and in stores.

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