The notion of rewriting your soul contract is about eliminating life’s challenges and getting what you want in a snap. We believe it’s impossible to rewrite your soul contract, though you do have free will to respond positively to it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to suddenly live the life of your dreams and never again have any challenges? We applaud you for going after your dreams, but challenges are part of life. Without them you don’t learn and grow.

We can hear it now--legions of New Age enthusiasts calling for our heads. We get lots of hate e-mails due to our writings, but we insist on telling you the truth about what we’ve found on our spiritual journey since the late 1980s, rather than pandering to you to increase sales.

Our role may not be to deliver inspiration, but we strive to offer spiritual truth.

The notion of rewriting your soul contract is marketed in the spiritual arena as a cure-all to life’s problems, like waving a magic wand. The claims span from slight life alterations to instantly eliminating massive burdens like terminal diseases.

Carnival barkers will always exist, but aren’t you glad you have people like us to remind you of reality?

We acknowledge that a positive attitude, faith, and gratitude can work wonders in dealing with life’s problems, but unfortunately, you must work through your karma to balance it. There is no magic bullet.

By all means, do everything you can to overcome life’s challenges, aim high, and enjoy life to the fullest, but don’t be disappointed if you can’t avoid the approximately 75% of fated circumstances and events in your life.

Below we list five things you’ll have an easier time doing than altering your soul contract:

1. Become instantly sober after drinking several alcoholic drinks. Just pray to the Booze Gods and ask for forgiveness. What’s that, you say, they’re not listening? You’ve got to pray harder.

2. Look exactly like you did when you were age twenty-one, at age fifty. Just pray to the Youth Gods and get your grove back.

Actually, you can look far younger than your age. Use your free will and discipline to do anti-aging exercises like yoga and high intensity interval training (rather than long-distance running, for example), and avoid consuming things that age the body, like sugar and junk food.

3. Is someone in your life driving you crazy? A neighbor, coworker, your boss, or a family member? Get rid of them, legally and within spiritual law, by calling on the Exile Gods and they’ll be gone in minutes.

4. Quickly have a rewarding and lucrative career, without the hassles of any training, advanced degrees, major set-backs, or hard work! It’s easy and simple! Just pray to the Life Purpose Gods and they’ll make sure you get whatever you want!

In reality, you do have free will to follow your passions and develop and share your talents. If your career path is destined to earn you a high income, that’s a bonus, but wealth is secondary to how you deal with your spiritual lessons.

5. Take your relationship back to the honeymoon phase, even if you can’t stand the sight of each other!

Fortunately, you do have free will to make the most of your love life. Sometimes that means accepting someone as they are, admitting your faults and, or moving on.

Life demands discipline, effort, and patience, and there is no easy way out of your soul contract, even if you make daily contact with your spiritual guides.

What about people who decide to make changes and then overcome difficulties? We believe the options to overcome the difficulties and their efforts were destined. They did not “create” anything that wasn’t already part of their contract.

Sometimes you need to endure difficult times, as harsh as that may sound, because the spiritual reasons outweigh the mundane. Some spiritual lessons are easy, some are rewarding, and many are challenging.

How you embrace your lessons is vital. Even though you can’t completely rewrite your soul contract after reincarnating, detachment, acceptance, faith, gratitude, confidence, and joy make it much easier to deal with it. Do the best you can and you’ll pass your life tests with flying colors.

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