Hey Mr Twenty Twenty,

“What if you don’t know exactly what you want? What if you have difficulty clearly defining your desire? All I know is that I don't want to live in this town that I grew up in anymore, and I don't want to work in the local factories. How do you define your aim then?” - Joe

Thank you for asking us Joe. Let's dive in with this quote from Neville:

“Of all the pleasures of the world, relief is the most keenly felt. When someone you dearly love is late, you anxiously await that key in the door. And when you hear their voice, your relief is keenly felt. That is the same kind of relief you will have when you have imagined correctly." - Neville Goddard

Generally, the feeling of RELIEF can be part of any Feel It Real session, because it truly is a part of many real life wishes. This is a great place to begin. So instead of entering into the state akin to sleep and then constructing an imaginal scene in your mind, just enter into the feeling of relief (and maybe add in a bit of thankfulness) and allow yourself to rest in that state.

In time, you will know you are ready to Define Your Aim and one of the most powerful ways to do this is to make it about YOU, and not about the "things" in your life. Let's look again at the words of Neville.

"Everyone lives in a definite state of consciousness, which state of consciousness we have already described as the sum total of his reactions to life. Therefore, in defining an aim, you are defining a state of consciousness, which, like all states of consciousness, must have its reactions to life." - Neville Goddard

So if you aren't sure about where you want to live or what you want to do Joe, focus on the kind of person you choose to be in the world. What kinds of behaviors, feelings, beliefs do you think would serve you and transform your life - so that you do find yourself living where you want to in the world and doing what you love for a living?

Imagining yourself as that kind of person, seeing in your imagination your friends and family treating you as that kind of person would be treated will continue to transform you from the inside out - and out of the blue you will find yourself living where you want, doing what you love, and being you you have decided to be.

Many blessings Joe and thank you for visiting us at http://freeneville.com

Mr Twenty Twenty

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