“The arrow that hits the bull’s eye is the result of a hundred misses” is a great saying and means that success is the result of much practice and never quitting. It's also a comforting saying for those of us who are pursuing dreams that aren't quite happening the way we envisioned them. There are many stories of people who refused to give up their dreams.

One such person is Ray Charles. Ray lost his sight at the age of six and his mother told him,
"Ray, you've lost your sight, but you haven't lost your mind. You can still create a productive life for yourself."

Those words fostered Ray's dream of becoming a recording star -- not just producing an album -- but becoming a star. He would sit and practice the piano and sing every day.

One day a teacher heard him practicing at school and told him, "Ray, you can't play the piano, and God knows you can't sing. You'd better learn how to weave chairs so you can support yourself."

Ouch! I wonder how many people would have let such a comment kill their dream. But young Ray didn't. He kept focused on his goal and went for audition after audition. He was told that he couldn't carry a tune and would never become a star.

But he still didn't quit.

We all know that Ray's perseverance paid off. He's received countless music awards, won 12 Grammies, and has been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has performed before millions of people including presidents and heads of state.

The next time someone tries to shoot down your dream, pick up another arrow and notch it into your bow! Your dream is yours and if you keep true to it and keep persevering, one day you will hit that bull's eye -- just like Ray did!

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