When I was very little, perhaps three years old, I wanted a metal toy tractor with a little figure of a farmer riding on it. To say I was spoiled at that age is an understatement, still I asked my mommy for one. Trying to be as cute as I could, as pleading, as sweet . . . I got the tractor.

The moral of this story is as a child you can use your cuteness to get what you want, and some of the time it will work. But in the long run, you’ll probably be turned down. Whether you want a toy tractor or not, the point is - persistence pays off. You may not make any friends in the process, but you will achieve your goals.

Now, I’m not a terribly rich man, and I don’t have lots of success stories, but I do know some truths that have been learned from my time on this earth.

One: For a happy life, pick something you really enjoy as a vocation.

Two: Never give up once you’ve started.

Three: Life is too short to get yourself in a knot over some perceived failure.

Four: As long as you’re enjoying what you do, you really are successful.

Five: Treat your endeavor like a hobby that may someday, if you’re lucky, be your life’s work, and it most likely will.

Author's Bio: 

Will Aebi - The UnGnome Author - is a publisher and writer of fiction/nonfiction - mysteries - family sagas - experimental ficiton.