Sitting on the fence is a situation whereby you do not want to get involved in a matter no matter the urgency or importance owing to a baseless imagination that you might get yourself harmed morally, physically and mentally. This can, particularly be, when you are faced or challenged by two contending forces from which you have to, to take a stand whether you like it or not.

Whatever may be the nature of challenges or circumstances facing us either as an individual or group, there are always situations and moments around us that expressly demand that we take a stand either good or bad. It, however, stands to reason that on such inevitable occasions we normally nurse the fear that our alignment with a particular side might be risky while being non-aligned may induce a very fatal consequence. It is quite reasonable that what matters in this case is to be a man or woman who just must take wise decisions in order to save our face and maintain our dignity.

The virtue we must not fail to imbibe at any point is to recognize the fact that our life is normally a sum of whatever decisions we are tended to take daily whether good or bad. There are, no doubt, some people who cannot and are always afraid to take decisions on their own just for the fear of an imaginary failure while ignoring the fact that not making up their minds at the right time may result to an ill-wind that will never blow them any good.

No matter what the challenge or the situation may be, it is not always good to sit on the fence and for you to stay on top of such position; you just must be involved in whatever of direct or indirect concern to you and let your presence be felt in your very unavoidable area of jurisdiction. It is equally important to embrace the courage of speaking out and acting decisively whenever the issues at stake concerns you and will affect you whether you like it or not.

The first step to take all the time is to be well informed of the situation and find out the truth before taking any action. It is quite necessary to be mindful of the fact that actions based on hearsay, wrong information, insinuation, suspicion, half-truths and outright falsehood are always counter-productive and back fire mostly in a fatal manner. So it is quite inevitable to always look before you leap by being armed with facts and figures. Most people react to issues about which they know little or nothing and they pay dearly for it in return.

The point here is that you must not be afraid to take decisions and be bold enough to speak and stand out on any issue you know is right because those who cannot stand for something normally fall for anything. It must always be borne in mind that no matter what anybody may say or do the truth always prevails. That being the case, always decide for the truth and stand by it and also be mindful of the fact that you must not sit on the fence.

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