“Never let another shatter your dreams”. This is what we are told while, normally, very young perhaps as we grow into our older years as well. The concept for this statement always remains the same being that it is still 100% true! "Dreams? Oh, now I get it", I remember saying to myself several years back once I finally began having dreams of my own and to actually serve an overall purpose.

As a child, I had no idea what this meant while a child and sure I was not alone on the subject. As I matured, I realized these words to be more meaningful than ever imagined.

Who knew this sentence would hinder my negative outlook into something now golden, as if the light bulb finally turned on within my mind after so many years of being completely burnt out. I have never regretted anything in life, but years pass us by so quickly. Time may even retract desires to be born into accomplishments, causing some to merely dream of what could have been.

It is the choices we choose not to make that cause the wonder of what could have been.

There are so many others that envy other individuals success. Some go to great lengths to create extensive obstacles keeping another from achieving their ultimate goal. It is only up to one person to say, “I’ll never allow anyone to shatter the dream I wish to achieve!”

I have been in a predicament before when I wanted to do something from deep within my soul, yet I let another pursued me otherwise. I no longer let a voice of another shy me away from what my heart offers as right. I listened to negative advice and soon learned it was only the fault of my own.

I know now that no matter the cost, no matter whom else tries to interrupt my path to achievement, I will not stop to second guess my motives for any quest I seek. We are all here for a reason to do something unique only each of us can provide to others. My goal in life is to do whatever it takes to make someone else feel more empowered, while enlightening how precious life is to never let another shatter any amount of potential or hope within.

If you have a feeling to go get out there and do something amazing, then do whatever you feel guided to do in a positive light to put forth the actions. There is not one stopping you, except you.

My feeling of emptiness is when I figured out how lonely my purpose was and is when I’m not helping another. My heart and mind have always led me towards a need to help others feel happiness or lend a helping hand, through voice, writing, or listening.

I chose to write inspirational pieces and positive content to fulfill emptiness felt inside. Even if only one reads my words and feels a positive and influential release, then my happiness has been won. Everyone should have this feeling within them as well in order to reap pure benefits to give, while having a humble tone from doing so.

Unfortunately, achieving a dream can be shattered in an instance. Shattered hopes may even be from the assistance of those trusted most such as, family, friends, a counselor, teacher, the list goes on. The problem being, these individuals cause negative damage to the heart and mind by stomping personal and professional faith into the ground before your eyes.

Keep faith high by believing in your objective as if success has already been achieved. Remind yourself, “I can, I will, and I have! Yell this phrase if you must.

Dismiss apprehensions, fears, doubts, especially the individuals invading any hope. Only one person lets another individual within their life to prevent a dream. Only one can endure the heartache of an individual striping away what you want out of life. Only one can surpass previous failures to now welcome opportunities. Only one can create their own challenges to ultimately enter the world of a successful dreams made into a successful reality.

The only one is you!

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Mandy has always been able to look at each issue within life as if the cup were half full. She has learned to never settle for any venture in life; however, all journeys are to be embraced as personal and professional challenges. Each and every opportunity should be seen as the ground for initiating growth, intellect and experience.

Mandy takes anyone or anything for granted, because she gives every task, each part of her heart and soul to ensure objectives are successfully achieved. After managing for a number of years, Mandy learned how invaluable life is, including human drive to meet desires by never giving up on dreams, even when life is at its worst. As a writer, a host of her own blog, and her general love for life has inspired her to help others see life for what it is...A miracle.

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