Many investors have opened their checkbooks to purchase a Las Vegas high rise condo, with little regard for the neighborhood. Las Vegas is a town unlike any other and its neighborhoods are diverse.

Random development and street names that seem to have no connection to the area can make it difficult to determine a neighborhood's character. For example, consider the Henderson neighborhood, Green Valley. The title invokes a pastoral, suburban picture, yet Henderson's history is situated in industry, not farming.

With that conundrum at heart, the following is really a crash course on NEVADA lofts,

Downtown NEVADA: SoHo Lofts & Newport Lofts

Despite the fact that these lofts were constructed a few years ago, downtown LV may be the oldest area of the town. Much like older cities, the downtown region is among the most cultural center of Vegas.

Artists and their galleries certainly are a common view, with antique shops and boutique stores also scattered liberally through the entire area. Presently, the fabled Mob Museum will be scheduled to open up in 2011, accompanied by the Smith Middle for Performing Arts.


Northwest NEVADA & Summerlin: One Queensridge Place

The words Summerlin and high-class are almost synonymous. Golf classes, parks, premier purchasing, and cultural festivals are simply some of Summerlin's trademarks. Situated at a somewhat higher elevation compared to the city correct, Summerlin has cooler temperature ranges and offers stunning sights of The Strip and the encompassing mountains.

Although Summerlin is approximately ten miles away from The Strip, make it easily accessible from anywhere in the valley.

The Strip and Beyond: City Center, Sky Las Vegas and More

The area around The Strip, or Las Vegas Blvd., is home to some of the most premier Vegas condominiums; however, the Blvd. Investors must be careful and note the difference.

Com for a better idea.

Unethical sellers, who are eager to take advantage of non-locals, may say that an area in downtown Vegas is on The Strip just because it is located along Las Vegas Blvd.

CityCenter has, without question, the most luxurious high rise condos located along The Strip, and the condos in Sky Las Vegas are a close runner up.

Other Las Vegas high rise condos, are not located on The Strip, but are within a stone's throw and offer the same convenience.

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