What is Neuroendoscopy?
Neuroendoscopy is one of the most advanced minimally invasive brain surgery methods available today. This is a least invasive brain surgery method which is mostly used to successfully treat brain tumors in a person.

This minimally invasive surgical technique involves drilling a small (10-12 mm) hole in the skull through the nose (or mouth) instead of removing a large part of the skull to perform the required tumor removal and treatment for brain tumor.

This surgery is performed using a special surgical device known as an 'Endoscope'. This consist of a small and flexible surgical tube which is attached with a small but high-definition video camera at one end and a viewing-port at the other end. This allows the surgeon to control the movement and direction of the endoscope and guide it to the correct spot inside the skull.

What is Neuroendoscopy useful for?
Neuroendoscopy is most useful in initially performing a biopsy on a suspected brain tumor using minimally invasive methods. The biopsy confirms or denies the existence of the
brain tumor using detailed pathological study and analysis at the laboratory.

This least-invasive surgical method is also useful in treating various kinds of brain tumors, especially those that are seen growing in hard-to-reach places inside the skull or where there is high risk of brain damage due to the close proximity of the nerves in the brain.

What are the types of Brain Tumors treated with Neuroendoscopy?
These are the various types of brain tumors that are successfully treated using minimally invasive Neuroendoscopy methods:

Ventricular tumors
Skull-base tumors
Rathke's cleft cysts
Pituitary gland tumors
Pineal region tumors
Metastatic brain tumors
Acoustic neuromas
What are the advantages and benefits of Neuroendoscopy?
Neuroendoscopy is a comparatively safer and advantageous brain tumor surgical treatment than the traditional brain tumor removal methods. At times, certain brain tumors develop in close proximity to vital neurovascular systems (nerves) which increases the risk of damage and the resultant grave complications arising out of it. Although, the recent microscopic brain surgery method is mostly useful it still faces difficulties in treating brain tumors that are located in hard-to-reach places inside the skull as it provides live viewing of the surgical site.

The wider and clearer view provided by an endoscope as compared to a microscope is more advantageous in viewing the operational site in detail and avoid damaging the surrounding nerves or other brain structures.

These are the distinct benefits of a minimally invasive Neuroendoscopy surgery for brain tumor:

Less painful
Less scarring
Quicker recovery
Shorter hospital stay
More accessible for surgery inside the skull
Helpful in removing tumor without damaging surrounding healthy vital brain structures
Improved viewing of operational site inside the cavities in the brain structure
Better special surgical tools ensure decreased risk of complications from surgery
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