There are a number of networking tips that are as important if not more important than your resume when it comes to getting a job. As we saw in part 1 of this article, your resumes are no doubt important, but networking the right way is at least as important. Networking makes a personal impact the way your resume template cannot:

1. Joining professional associations keeps you in touch with other professionals, and keeps you in touch with what is happening in that field. Membership of such associations keeps one current and gives one the opportunity of being in the know of the way things work. If new openings are likely to be opening up, you may get to know about them reasonably early. You can build contacts and professional friendships that will hold you in good stead in times to come. There is also more access to trade journals and publications.

2. Keep looking at all times; keep your eyes and ears open for any possible openings where even on the face of it, there may be none. Pay attention even in social situations or neighborhood events; there may be relevant information out there if you are alert about it.

3. Keep up to date in your chosen field. Keep abreast of latest developments and do your research in terms of the kind of organizations that are hiring etc. Keep abreast of internet job sites, and make sure that you know enough about current affairs to keep you in the know.

4. Build relationships not only because they will keep you in the information loop but because they could be rewarding in other ways in the long run. Look not only to get assistance but also to offer it unstintingly to others. By helping someone else you will be able to foster a relationship that will stand you in good stead later as well. If you are able to forward someone’s resume samples to a relevant location, it may be that that your resume sample will find its way to someplace else that is equally relevant. Also maintain your network of contacts. Don’t drop a contact simply because you think they may no longer be of much relevance to your situation. Maintain cordial relationships with colleagues and evince an interest in the trajectory of their career even as you bring them up to date with yours. Understand that networking is a two way street, and that for each person who is of benefit to you may also be looking to receive some advantage from you. A mutual relationship that exists between you and another person should be beneficial to both parties and not just one.

5. Maintain professional courtesy. If and when appropriate, send thank you notes or express appreciation in a some other way for help that may be rendered. While taking care not to appear obsequious, maintain a courteous demeanor and create favorable impressions not just on seniors, but on juniors in the organization as well.

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