In the fall of 2000 my wife and I went to Florida to see if we wanted to live there. While I was there I started working as a Night Mgr./M'aitre D at a hotel in Palm Beach. I worked nights so my wife was lonely and decided she needed a pet. She did this without my knowing. You can imagine my surprise waking up one morning and hearing barking. I said to myself that doesn't sound like Cydne (my wife).

Cyd had adopted a springer/dalmatian mix although she looked like a springer. She didn't take to me at all and I sensed that she didn't like males. Upon further discussion I found out that Gabrielle (that's what she named her) was on the streets for a year and half by herself. During that time somebody threw something at her maybe a rock or stick and broke one of her ankles. I imagine she knocked over a few trash cans in her day looking for food and probably angered one of the trash men. Hence the injury.

At the end of April 2001 we decided to go back to Maine. Gabby became Cyd's shadow. Wherever she went there Gabby was her constant companion. We demystified Palm Beach and it was not for us. And xmas without snow was a bummer. Of course we brought Gabby with us and we are forever grateful. We had nine wonderful years with her and I am sure Gabby did too.

It was a long time before she took to me, but I controlled the food and she was no dummy. I became her second best friend. Cyd was always first no matter how hungry she became.

Pets know no other way to give love than unconditionally and Gabby was no different. What a wonderful world this would be if we all had that same attitude. No wars, no hunger, no homeless, etc. Having said that I believe most pet owners treat there animals the same way.

In July of this year Gabby developed a cough and we took her to the vet and they didn't know what it was. She developed hind leg problems too. However, I was a distributor for a Network Marketing company and they had a supplement for animals that help increase your own stem cells up to 30%. This helped her hind leg problem tremendously and the cough subsided.

In November of the same year the cough became unbearable for Gabrielle as she had (we think) some form of cancer and we had a decision to make. We probably waited a few days too long, because we were selfish and didn't want to lose her.

Gabrielle is gone now and is at peace. They say if you dream you have a soul. Gabby dreamt often. I believe in reincarnation and now she can come back as a human being and teach people "how to love Unconditionally." Wouldn't Network Marketing be easy if we just had a goal of helping people get healthy.

My heart aches with grief for Gabby. Just this morning I missed her. I had nobody to walk and I had nobody to help me eat my breakfast. Are we ready to give unconditional love and turn our Network Marketing business in to a goldmine by accident?

To your committed success,

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