Senior Citizens,Retirees And Network Marketing

Their are many people who are either voluntarily retired or forced into retirement, because of the way the economy is changing right now. Some have been downsized and some have received retirement packages. This does not mean that they are not functional or capable of holding or perfoming well at another job.

When President Roosevelt propsed Social Security for people over 65 vey few people lived to be 65 in those days. Now the life span is much higher and getting even higher. So two things are happening here. At 65 we are collecting SS yet we are still capable of performing at a high level.

So what do traditional businesses offer us? Bagging groceries, night guard at some lonely wharehouse, greeters at Wall Mart, etc. Ther is a company in Maine that hires only people sixty five and older. If fact one person is 92. Needless to say it is a very successful company.

At sixty five most of us do not have the same energy as when we were younger, but as they say about pitchers in basebal when they get older that although they may have lost a little off their fastball they are much craftier.

Many senior citizens have turned to Network Marketing. Some of the reasons are they can start their own business right from home for under $500. They know many people who are in the same position as they are and who would like to be active. Working from home eliminates the commute.

As we get older we develope many ailments and Network Marketing companies have developed some amazing products that have helped tremedously. So we can perform another service by helping people feel better and get well. As we get older we know many people who are ill and need help. Are you ready to help? Get involved! Network Marketing is about helping people get well and you just might earn some money too.

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