Many individuals know and understand the capacity of the internet. Still the question is asked, can you do network marketing online? The answer is a unambiguous, YES!

There are so many new opportunities to do network marketing and the internet has only expounded on those opportunities.

What were the normal ways people people advertise their network marketing business? They were told to go to their friends and family. The concept was brand new to most individuals and there were many who were very open to a new style of making money.

Times have changed, however, because people have heard of the business model, and many have been turned off the idea. But there are still many people that are open to the idea of network marketing. The predicament is getting to those individuals. Unlike your little town you may live in, or your mall that you have been to many times, the internet gives you the opportunity to reach hundreds and thousands of leads each and every day.

The main thing that is uncommon, but is also an benefit, is that you have the opportunity to make friendships and trust online before individuals enter into your business. When you speak with people you know, this is already there, but when speaking with strangers this is absent.

Let me give you three ways to start network marketing online.

1. Facebook - The entire purpose behind Facebook is to gather friends in your network. You can easily find people that are looking for great opportunities after you befriend them. The important thing is to not pitch your business straight away, but to gain friendship first.

2. Blogging - Let people get to know you and give them back something first. Most people have heard the phrase it is better to give than to receive? This is spot on. Blogging allows readers to get to know you, and gain trust in you. Eventually, they will want to be in your business.

3. Article marketing - Article marketing is one more great way to give quality information to people and help them see the usefulness that you provide before they sign up with you. Teaching them how to do network marketing online, for instance, is amazing value.

The main difficulty of network marketing online is that you do not have the face to face network ability.. You need to be more than just a voice or article, you need to show your personality and expertise to those that you are working with. Don't let the internet be a crutch any longer, but an advantage.

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