Network Marketing has a reputation for being a scam. It is reported that people at the top of the chain, or who got into the business early are able to make vast sums of money while the rest- over 90% of the people involved in the industry- fail to make a profit.

Admittedly over the one hundred plus years that network marketing has been an industry, there have been some companies with really dreadful products who have acted appallingly and left some people with real problems when the folded.

The fact is, however, that there is now a very healthy, prosperous network marketing industry that turns over more than one million dollars worldwide. If it was truly impossible to make any money, the industry would not be so healthy. Someone somewhere is making a healthy living and why shouldn't it be you?

What are the major drawbacks? The biggest hurdle is that the opportunity is sold as a get rich quick scheme that does not require you to do any work and will make you a fortune. The truth is far from this- as with all businesses, you will need to work hard, especially at the beginning, and results may be slow to appear as you begin. You will need to consistently market your products and business and keep going for some time until you are established. When you are established, you will still need to prospect- it is an ongoing process.

Another drawback is that it is true that you will be working from home, and so will be more available to your family. However, when you are at home, you have many more distractions than you do at work, and explaining to the children that you are here, but not able to play may be tricky. Balancing working from home with your family takes some really good negotiating skills and a good dose of motivation so that you can get back to prospecting when the rest of the distractions are gone. Better still, set goals and schedules, so that you have some motivation to succeed when you are able to work on your business.

A large drawback to network marketing is that for some people, it is the first time that they have worked for themselves and it can be difficult to motivate yourself when you are working alone.

Another drawback is procrastination. Actually getting into action. Picking up the phone, or organising a seminar. Many people find this challenging in the beginning and sometimes give up before they allow themselves to succeed.
These are some of the drawbacks to network marketing. The other one is that it is crucial to a successful business to generate leads to continue promoting your business. This is one aspect of network marketing that many people have no clue about, and yet, if you are not generating leads, you will not have anyone to talk to about your opportunity. If you would like to find out about generating leads online effortlessly, click on the link below.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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