Network marketing success is realized by just a few distributors, why?

How can you even know what is the best network marketing company to pick? Read this post to discover a solid approach...

Most people just get overly excited about a company's goods and enroll. However, they don't evaluate the business aspects. And they do not create a plan before enrolling.

Network Marketing Success, How To Decide On The Right Company for You

It takes time to put together a network marketing business that generates any real income. Today's top earners learn to mix the traditional approach with Internet marketing.

The traditional network marketing approach can help you get off to a fast start, but only when used effectively. Online marketing takes time to learn (but will be worth it), unless you are already Internet marketing savvy.

It is actually a good thing if you are not yet promoting a MLM business. Now is the best time to begin your marketing, starting with a plan. And, if you are already in an opportunity, here are a few thoughts that should help you enjoy more success.

If you are determined to succeed, here are a few of my recommendations:

1. Build a directory of all your contacts, e.g., family, personal, business, etc., BUT do not think you will have to bug or chase them, Read on…

2. Now do you best to figure out whom on that list would be most willing to get involve with anything, you choose to get into, simply because they believe in you and trust you.

3. Order your list based on my 2nd recommendation. (This is a key action.)

4. A great way to use this list is to tell people that you started a new venture and ask them who they think may be interested in your type of offering. This is a very simple method. Some people may want to learn more about what you are working on for their own benefit. Others might give you referrals that you can contact using them as a reference.

5. Consider carefully what key people you know would be interested in, would benefit most from being a part of, and may want to know more about,

6. Think about what market you want to get involved in – Local? National? Global? Think about what that market would be very interested in. Do the necessary research.

7. Now, clearly define what you are highly interested in. Are there any matches, their interests and yours?

8. Look for an opportunity that offers products or services that fits your criteria.

9. Check out the business thoroughly. (Read some of my blog posts on numerous companies to get an understanding of what to evaluate.)

10. Go to Rod Cook’s website – MLM – he gives good advice.

11. Get active now to study Internet marketing and lead generation strategies from successful Internet marketers.

12. Become proficient in ONE lead generation approach (I mean, learn it so well that you could write a book about it) and get going using it right now. Concentrate on creating an online prospect list that you can add value to, share ideas with, and build a relationship with.

I could keep on going….

I imagine you understand my line of reasoning. Now is the perfect time to implement your plan and developing relationships. You do not have to enroll the whole human race to be profitable.

You have to attract, not run after, the members that you really want on your team. A capability that must be developed.

Concentrate on only working with 2 reps at a time, helping them get started and earning cash by helping them recruit 2. Then, help them help their 2 new associates recruit 2, and so on…

...Until they get it. You're building leaders that continue on a profitable path.

Once leaders emerge that can assist in training, take out your list (written and online generated) and enroll another 2 people that you desire to invest your time with. Continue to be very selective. Stay on your effective path.

Keep it simple and your team will multiply exponentially!

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Jim Hageman trains people how to become top producers and enjoy huge network marketing success. If you want to find out how you can become a top earner, look at what Jim Hageman recommends and get access to your FREE training right now.