While some marketers are wary when it comes to network marketing (MLM), the program offered by Russian company Faberlic merits further investigation. Mainly, MLM has acquired a bad reputation, due to concerns about market saturation. However, usually, saturation is not a problem if the company in question offers a high quality, evergreen product. Faberlic is one modern, multi national company that aims to do exactly that, with its' unique skincare range.

Established in 1998, Faberlic has grown to be one of the world's top MLM and oxygen cosmetics companies. As a member of the Direct Sales International Association, it operates via a network of freelance sales consultants. Presently, Faberlic is represented in twenty-four countries across the world. Over one million affiliates are said to be successfully marketing Faberlic cosmetics to millions of customers worldwide.

The Products on Offer

The Faberlic range features skincare products that contain various active ingredients and a unique oxygen complex. Also, there are haircare and body products, ammonia free hair colorants, perfume and make up, and numerous seasonal accessories. Faberlic runs its' own clinical research facility, with ongoing trials to enhance the standard of their products.

All Faberlic's skincare cosmetics are made in their own Moscow manufacturing plant. Their make up is manufactured by INTERCOS (the large Italian corporation), and their perfume is designed by world renown perfumers from France. Reportedly, millions of people use Faberlic cosmetics on a daily basis.

Signing up

Anyone over the age of fourteen can sign up to Faberlic as a consultant. This is fast and easy to do on their website. You simply enter your name, telephone number and address details into the online form, and you can begin straightaway.

After signing up, you will be able to purchase the company's products at cost price. Then, you can sell the products at catalogue prices, with a fifty percent mark up, to the general public. The fifty percent mark up represents your profit on each sale. There are no restrictions on the amount of products you can buy or sell per month. Also, there is a further opportunity to earn money with the "Structural Work" advertizing plan. The company provides more details about this, once you have registered.

Deciding if This is for you

To successfully promote Faberlic products, you will have to be able to convey scientific details to prospective customers in a clear, jargon free manner. Also, you will need basic sales skills, because the Faberlic brand is not as well known among the general public as other brands, like Oriflame or Avon. Thus, the product will not sell itself, so you will have to be proactive in this respect.

Notwithstanding, although there are other oxygen cosmetics companies out there, Faberlic are the first to see the potential in their business model for an MLM opportunity. Currently, the public at large does not know much about these products. Hence, there is little doubt that, in the coming years, the industry will attract major publicity, once new research has been carried out.

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