Are you tiring from doing all the things you need to in an effort to grow your business and have yet to experience any or limited results? In this post, I would like to offer some advice. Be patient with your business, it needs to marinate.
Just like prepping for a wonderful feast, you do not just throw everything together and expect to eat right away. That is what fast food is for and I am sure you know the value of that, a quick and unsustainable fix with questionable results.
One thing is for sure, everyone has unique marinating times. As we come into this business, we all bring different skill sets to the table. These skill sets initially may or may not be what is needed to produce the desired results. Therefore the learning curve is similar but different for each individual.
What I mean by marinating your business? As with cooking, adding all of the ingredients, strategies and processes is crucial to obtain the desired flavor. Next, let the ingredients absorb into each other, learn the strategies and implement them so that each one compliments another. Over time, you will know where to tweak each ingredient so the flavors can reach their peak and desired flavors.
This does not mean you put everything together and eat straight away, pretty much the opposite, you will need to taste test along the way and this is where tracking your efforts become most important.
That is it, be patient track your efforts, when you find something that is working, stick with it and move on to the next. When you have your strategies and processes working and you begin to see results, repeat. Although you may not see the explosive growth that you expect, keep repeating what is working and over time you will get the desired result.
While you are progressing through the learning curve, you need to continue working on yourself as well. You want to be ready for the growth that is coming your way, continual mindset training will allow you to grow in harmony with your business. Let’s face it, you will be attracting upcoming and current marketing students and partners, your success will be determined in part of your ability to educate and train them.
Hopefully you see the importance of being patient and letting your business marinate while perfecting your recipe for success. Doing the things mentioned here will help to insure your continuing success.
On a final note, keep in mind that your marinating time will not be the same as anyone else’s. As mentioned earlier in this article, we all bring different skill sets to the table. Some people may have previous experience in different aspects of the business and will rise faster than you. Or you may have the ability to rise ahead your sponsors. The take away is this, you will need to be patient no matter what side of the table you are on. Yes there is a lot to learn and you can be successful if you are patient and do not give up.
Your students and partners will need the ingredients and your patience to perfect their recipe which will be necessary for you to succeed, after all this is network marketing. Now let’s get cooking.

Bonn Appetite,

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