New to this business? Then perhaps you can relate to these three tips of what not to do in in your biz. Been in this business awhile? You probably had to learn this the hard way too.

You know how it is, when you first are getting started you are full of excitement and ready to share your new opportunity with the whole world. Initially, you want to tell everyone just how great your product is, how fantastic the compensation is and if they can get just a few people to do the same then you will all be rich in no time.

Unfortunately, you usually end up with so much rejection that you wonder what you were thinking getting involved in the first place. It seems as if everyone else is nuts because they don't see it. I mean, how could any not see the beauty and ease of how to create financial freedom. After all the guy or gal who signed you up showed you all of the up-line that was living their dreams, traveling the world and raking in all that dough. Here are some things to avoid and hopefully get you on the right path to achieve your goals in network marketing.

When you are with a prospect, it is real easy to tell all you know which at this point is probably enough to get you in trouble. When you do this you are perceived as pushy and merely trying to make a sale. People jump on that and will run 99% of the time. Remember this, people love to buy but they hate to be sold.Therefore, it is crucial to establish rapport. Getting to know your client for real. This part of the process works in two ways, you are interviewing potential business partners as well as customers. To do this, you should be asking open ended questions. These are are questions that require an answer other than yes or no. When they tell you what they are looking for or what kind of problem, don't just blurt out how buying your product or signing up in your opportunity will fix it. You must build value in yourself first, build a relationship on trust not hype.

When over coming objections, do not simply react in defense of your position. People will sense that you are going to slam them into making decision they will regret and they will run from you. What I mean is this. When someone says" I don't have the money, we know that if they had an emergency that they could could come up eith it. You might to ask them something like; ' other than the money, is there anything else that would keep you from getting involved today". This will bypass the money issue and dig out the real objection and give you the opportunity to overcome that. Same goes for the old favorite"is this a pyramid scheme'. I know you want get in their face and inform that most businesses and governments are pyramid schemes to try and win them over, but all this will do is make you foolish as they do not have enough information to process what you just told them and they will run.

When dealing with new people, do not hard sell them by trying to close the sale at the hand shake. At this point they are in survival mode, which is natural. If they say no and you keep closing all you will get is a big rejection and then they will run away. People that are genuinely interested in what you have to say or are at least open to it, will still say no, until you give them enough information to make a logical decision.

Always keep in mind that people buy from people, they are not as interested in your product or service as you are, not yet. Let them warm up to you and decide if you are worth their time,money and energy. By doing this, you will build strong relationships and build a business with a solid foundation.

There you have it, my 3 tips for what not to do in your biz. Also, I hope that you were able glean alternatives ways in dealing with your prospects.

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