Network and networking are wonder words; seemingly having the capacity to solve almost any problem, whether they are personal or professional, if the practice is properly nurtured and maintained. Networking plays a vital role in the success of any business. No matter neither how great your business is nor your business sense; people need to know that you exist. Starting and growing a successful business requires strong networking skills. The literal meaning of word ‘network’ is a ‘web’. Network means a channel through which you can communicate.

Networking is a support system for survival of any business. Communication plays major role in business and so does networking. If you look at the number of women in business a decade ago, we will understand the scale of change that took place over the past 10 years. The business world has changed and is privileged to have increasing number of women in business as compared to previous years. Women have demonstrated their caliber in almost all fields; having shown remarkable courage to prove themselves even in male-dominant industries and work. So far women have grown on the basis of their skills and ability to learn and adapt to new things very quickly.

When we talk about success, we are talking about long term. To make this amazing change persistent in the society, extra efforts are required in terms of creating and maintaining a strong, solid support system. One such support system is the power of networking. Women in the business, and even those intending to start a business, will enhance these efforts by being able to communicate more clearly when discussing their experiences and issues related to their professional life so as to allow others to gain the maximum knowledge through their experience. There is an old saying “intelligent people learn from their experience while wise people learn from other’s experience.” The whole intention here is to provide a platform for all women who want to become financially independent and want to establish their mark in this male-dominated business world.

Times have changed now. Many more conferences, get-togethers and association, business ownership">networking opportunities are being organized specifically for women to make certain that the business world recognizes the value of women and provides a greater voice and share in shaping the economic development of any country. Further, there are many online communities and forums available that facilitate the goal of efficient communication. The glass ceiling is breaking now and we all benefit when we contribute our own bit to make it disappear. Networking is merely a small step towards it.

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Susan Bagyura, creator of The Powder Puff Guide to Starting a Business, guides women entrepreneurs through the worries, fears and don’t-know-how-to’s of starting a business to successfully owning their first business. association, business ownership">network for women