Network engineer position in an IT company is associated with the technical work. They are responsible for maintaining the computer network and troubleshooting the problems arising in this network. These engineers are required in all the companies where there is requirement of large computer set up and interconnection of these computers. You must highlight your technical skills in your resume when you are applying for this position in any company. Moreover, employer will be focusing on your career objective when going through your CV. Hence, the network engineer career objective should clearly state the position you are seeking in the company and describe the skills and qualifications that make you suitable for this position.
Need of Resume Objective Statement in your CV
Objective statement in the CV is included in the beginning. As it is the opening of your CV, you need to give a good start to your resume with a good beginning. As the name suggests, objective statement states your career goal to the employer that you wish to accomplish working in the company. It should also list the information of special skills that may help you in achieving these career goals. It is a 2-3 line statement that must grab the employer’s attention and get you noticed.
Keep in mind that there are many other candidates making an application and writing their resumes to standout from other candidates. Hence, it is your key responsibility to make your application better than theirs. You can do this by presenting your objective statement effectively and efficiently.
When you are writing the objective statement for the network engineer resume, you must clearly mention about this position. Also list the major technical skills that you have developed through your years of experience in the field and those can help you in your prospective work. If possible, you can also talk of your major accomplishments during your past employments. Including all these details within 2-3 lines will make your career statement effective, impactful and powerful. Here are some examples on writing these statements for different applicants. Go through these examples to see what changes should be made while writing such statements for different applicants.
Sample network Engineer Resumes Objectives
Career Statement for Experienced Candidate
I have gained profound knowledge about the field through my experience in the network engineering field that makes me suitable for this position of network engineer in your company. I strongly believe that my networking skills and other relevant technical skills will help me in my work and benefit the company while achieving my career goals
Career Statement for Entry Level Candidate
As a beginner in the field of network engineering, I would like to put down my quick learning ability in learning new things related to my work. I am willing to develop my technical skills in a better way to increase my efficiency and benefit the company in return
Career Statement for Internship Candidate
Seeking the position of a trainee network engineer in an established organization where I can understand the work culture and develop the job specific technical skills. I am looking forward to learn all the necessary skills so that I can work for the organization in future
When you are writing the CV for the network engineer position, it is important to keep it focused on your aspirations. Declaration of your goals is the clear indicator of your capabilities. Hence, you must be able to present your goals clearly and carefully in your CV.
Some of the important parts in the network engineer CV are:
Technical Certifications
Knowledge of hardware troubleshooting
Operating System
Network Protocol
Programming Languages
Application Software
Database Software
For making a winning impression on the recruiter, you need to include all this information in your CV. The format of network engineer resume is quite simple.
As you know that the career objective is the first section of you CV and hence it should be written accurately, it is also important to write other sections carefully. You may not know what employer may read in your CV for selecting you. Hence, you must stay prepared with a perfect resume instead of just writing one section perfectly.

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