As a business leader, one might scoff at the thought of inspiration in leadership. Some business leaders may dismiss the vision as over-the-top, and perhaps even pretentious. But, the world of innovation, creating wealth, great professional bonds can all be a little jarring. Without inspiration to drive a natural sense of curiosity and aspiration – the rail of productivity can quickly lose steam. On the other hand, there is a concrete way to step forward, to build, and to deliver inspiration. A company that encapsulates the spirit of inspiration at every step is NEO Semiconductor.

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A Game-Changing Innovation

NEO Semiconductor creates solutions to some of the most pressing technology issues of our time. NEO Semiconductor focuses on developing fundamentally game-changing technology. Once it has achieved this goal, it offers the technology to the world at large. Its clients stand to win by applying their IP patents to some remarkable challenges that are at the forefront of commercial investments. However, it isn’t just the commercial promise of its application that makes the company stand out among its competitors.

An Inspirational Journey

In 2020, NEO Semiconductor was awarded the ‘Most Innovative Flash Memory Startup’ Award at the Flash Memory Summit. Its CEO believes NEO Semiconductor will continue to scale new heights, thanks to the growing backbone of its expertise in the 3D flash chip arena. Today, the company is solving a wide range of challenges in the semiconductor industry, including resistive memory, AI chip technology, ultra-low power CMOS-based IoT memory, and phase-change memory. 

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